• Adjustable range by built-in dial-switch
  • Programmable by USB or RS232 
  • Strong anti-interference signal
  • Compact size body,easy to install
  • Lower power consumption to reduce IC heating. Low temp. shift is ensured
  • Longer life,higher accuracy
  • Round size or din-rail mounted optional.
  • Cost-effective solution
  • PT100,PT1000 and CU50 signal input
  • 4-20mA signal output
  • Lightning protection
  • Anti electrical transient bursts(pulse group)

The adjustable range head mounted temperature transmitter module is designed  to meet industrial class requirement on the higher standard. It supports signal input of Resistance Temperature Detector(RTD) which includes PT100,PT1000 and Cu50. Its signal output is standard 2-wire 4-20mA. 4-20mA signal can be easily to connect with DCS,PLC,etc system controlling devices. The 4-20mA output doesn't external power to the loop,it is self-powered. It also supports signal pre-set function for sensor fault,short-circuit etc.

Benefits of Adjusting Range

The smart temperature transmitter module also has built-in dial-switch which can be used to adjust temperature measurement range. When adjust measuring range, it doesn't need external power, and also no need to connect resistor box or signal generator. You just require a small screwdriver to adjust the position of dial switch. It is so easy to change the measuring range. No matter when used with temperature sensor or working at spot, you can adjust conveniently. Such adjusting can obviously shorten setting time and meanwhile it also reduce adjusting difficulty to the bottom. You won't need to learn complicated configuration method again. The dial switch is so convenient and intuitive that you can check the current measurement range by watch the position of dial switches. This design is easy to understand and will support the product with what you see is what you get.This also reduces mistaking ratio of adjusting process to the bottom. At last, this feature also reduces your stocking burden and you won't stock too many items for each temperature range.

The temperature transmitter adopts wiring design of lightning protection and anti electrical transient bursts(pulse group). Its standard of lightning protection can reach 5 times of lightning sense(<=±4000V),but the transmitter is still good. The input and output terminals can support ±4000V anti-interference of electrical transient bursts(pulse group). The transmitter module can effectively protection the following damaging: ON/OFF of big power equipment caused by thunder sensing or power supply, wiring fault, running of frequency conversion equipment,welder machine at spot,l fling-cut action,etc.

With compact design, the temperature transmitter has small size body and easy to install. Inner design of ultra-low power consumption can sharply reduce heat radiation of ICs while working. It reduces temperature shift,improve the long-term stability and prolong the span of life. Meanwhile, the accuracy is improved accordingly.  The environmental temperature range is -35...+80℃,which can ensure the transmitter can work normally in harsh condition.

Technical Specifications

  • Programmable way:USB or RS232
  • Setting power supply: No need
  • Signal input: PT100,CU50,PT1000
  • Measurement range:-200...+850℃
  • Min measuring range:10K
  • Conversion accuracy: <=0.2% or 0.2K
  • Signal output: 2-wire 4-20mA
  • Sensor fault alarm: output down to <=3.6mA or output upto >=21.5mA
  • Power supply:9-30Vdc
  • Limiting current: <=25mA
  • Max load:(Vpower-9V)/0.025A(output current)
  • Response time: 1S
  • Lightning protection:±4000V(<=5times)
  • Anti electrical transient bursts(pulse group):±4000V
  • Anti-interference of RF: >10V/m(80MHZ...1000MHZ)
  • Environmental temperature: -40...+85℃
  • Temperature shift:0.008%FS/1℃
  • Long-term stability: <=0.1℃/year or 0.05%/year
  • Dimension(DiameterxThickness):Φ44 x 24
  • Net weight(Excl.packaging):40g

Note: You may find there are a lot of companies which supply head mounted temperature transmitter module. The price may vary sharply. You can't decide which one is good and suitable for your requirement. In fact, many suppliers can't ensure good stability for their product,especially the reading value after the decimal point. Poor quality product has a flash value after decimal point and can't be stable to readout. Because such product usually requires high accuracy of temperature, the decimal point value will be very very important. Except this point, it also has many other aspects to judge. 

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