The paddle wheel flow meter is a kind of economic water flow sensor. It measure flow by using impeller.It belongs to velocity flow device and can measure water in closed pipe.It features low cost ownership.The paddle wheel flow sensors can support pulse output. Insertion installing way make its has a light weight and similar to the data industrial flow sensors.

Technical Features:

  • Patent technology
  • Good ability of anti-inteference
  • Strong signal transmission ability(Max transmission distance:300m)
  • Easy to install and siplye to maintain
  • Reliable performance
  • High cost-effective solution

Technical Specification

  • Measured fluid: Water(no big particle or suspended)
  • Flow velocity range:1-5m/s
  • Flow temperature range:1-60 Deg.C.
  • Pipe size range:DN40-DN100mm
  • Linear accuracy:+/-4%
  • Total accuracy:+/-4%
  • Cable length:5m
  • Sensor body material:NYLON
  • Wheel material:PVDF
  • Bear material:316L
  • Response frequency:<120Hz m/s
  • Power supply:9-12VDC
  • Signal output:Square wave
  • Signal power supply:20mA@9-12VDC
  • Signal output current:<=20mA
  • Working temperature and pressure: 1-60Deg.C.;<=0.6MPa

Explanation about K Value

K value means pulse number when each unit volume flow pass through. For example, in DN100 PVC pipe, if set Kvalue=1, it means each 1liter water passes through the flow sensor, it will product 1 piece of pulse signal. Because the pipe size may vary,users can adjust by change K value. The K value will be provided with the flow sensor. The K value is calculated in our lab.

Application Range

  • Process flow control of industry waste water
  • Irrigation flow metering and monitor
  • Mid-water process flow monitor
  • Soften water,filter water,etc
  • Other water flow rate monitor and measurement

Why Select Our Paddle Wheel Flow Sensor

  • Our accuracy can reach 4%.Other paddle wheel sensors are usually 5%;
  • Signal output distance: ours can reach 300meters,others are usually 60m.
  • Our signal output is square wave and have stronger anti-interference.Others are not squre wave and anti-interference is weaker.
  • Our price is lower,but performance is still good.

Where Should Select Paddle Wheel Flow Meter

  • When pipe size falls into range DN40-DN100mm,and require pulse output, and price budget is sensitive.
  • Comparing with other flow meters(e.g.ultrasonic,magnetic,turbine,etc),its price is much lower on the same pipe size.
  • Comparing with other flow sensors, other water flow sensors usually have pipe size below DN50mm,and those water flow sensors have lower accuracy.Meanwhile,their pulse output signal is very weak and not very reliable.