We are professional in optical liquid level switches with high cost-effective solution. Optical level sensors are designed on infrared-LED technology,thus it has no unreliable moving parts. The optical switches are small size and only need very small installing space in actual application.Meanwhile, for extreme difficult application for mini space, we also released ultra mini LED type optical level indicator. Thus, optical liquid level switches are an very ideal solution to detect small amounts of liquids.

For harsh application, we can develop different tip probe material and special enclosure for optical level sensors which are able can be used for harsh liquid for long-term.

We have some standard models ready for your selection,but we are willing to provide customization service for special requirement. The customizing items can include power supply, length of cable, connectors, high temperature, anti-corrosive, bigger pressure,etc. Anyway, as a leading supplier of optical level switches, we are always ready to fit your application requirements.

The following are several typical models of our optical level sensor switches which covers wide range from common application to industrial class. Limited by the page,we can't list all of models. If you are not sure which model is suitable for your project or you want more information, please feel free to contact us.

OptiLLC:Low Cost

Mainly for common water level,5VDC power supply,widely used for water dispenser,home appliance,low cost solution

OptiMi:Ultra Mini

Ultra mini size and suitable for extreme requirement of small installing space,widely used for instruments,etc. 5VDC power.


ABS,PC or PSU material for liquid level indicator,economic solution,5-12Vdc or 24Vdc,replace LLE model.

OptiNd: Industrial

Stainless steel enclosure for industrial application,solid state,12-24Vdc power,GEMS structure optional

OptiLC for Cooling

Widely used for refrigeration equipment,e.g compressor,etc.220Vac or 5-24Vdc power optional


Designed for engineering machinery or similar application,pressure>40Mpa,medium temp.<=130 C, 5Vdc power

OptiSP: Separated Type

Separated optical level switch for special application,e.g.washing machine,etc.

OptiNFS: Anti-corrosion

Anti-corrosion level switch used for point level measurement of corrosive liquid,e.g acid,alkali,etc.

OptiT+L: Temp.+Level

Optical sensor switch with temperature integrated for liquid level and temperature together.