Low power LPWAN sensors are important components for internet of things(IOT). LPWAN is the meaning of Low Power Wide Area Network, which decides the LPWAN sensor should be low power consumption,meanwhile, longer working life by battey power can be ensured. LPWAN sensors have many kinds and we mainly provide high class sensors for pressure,level,flow,temperature,etc. They have been widely integrated with various wireless IOT technologies,and typical have LoRaWan, NB-IOT, Zigbee, Bluetooth,GSM/GPRS,etc.

The LPWAN sensors are developed on embedding digital circuit through advanced process technology and low power design.With low power consumption,the series of products can supports often used outputs,e.g.I2C,RS485(Modbus),and analog voltage output(e.g.0.5 ~ 2.5V etc). The sensors have been widely used in intelligent monitoring places such as fire water pipe network,water service,heating,irrigation,etc by wireless communication.

Low Power Hydrostatic Immsersed Level Sensors

0.5-2.5V Voltage Output

  • Power:3-5V or customization
  • Output: 0.25-2.25VDC,0.5-2.5V or others
  • Current consumption:<3mA
  • Long-term stability: +/-0.2%

RS485 Modbus Output

  • Power:3-4Vdc(Battery power)
  • Output: 4-Wire RS485 Modbus Output
  • Current consumption:<2.6mA
  • Long-term stability: +/-0.2%

I2C Output or Customizing

  • I2C output optional
  • Cable material and length optional
  • Water,diesel,petrol,etc
  • Others

Low Power Consumption Pressure Transducers

Pressure transducer sensors and hydrostatic level transmitters have the same working technology. Of course, pressuer sensors have more sensing elements than pressure level.

Voltage Analog Output

  • Power:3-5V or customization
  • Output: 0.25-2.25VDC,0.5-2.5V or others
  • Current consumption:<2mA
  • Long-term stability: +/-0.2%
  • Multi-connection optional

Digital Modbus/I2C Output

  • Power:3-5V or customization
  • Output: I2C or RS485(Modbus)
  • Current consumption:<2.5mA
  • Long-term stability: +/-0.2%

Melted Pressure Sensors

  • Power:3-3.3V or customizing
  • Output: I2C or 0.5-4.5VDC
  • Current consumption:<2mA
  • Long-term stability: +/-0.25%
  • Range:0-1..25MPa