• No moving parts, longer working life
  • No risk of leakage,No risk of corrosion
  • No need to cut,no need to open
  • Low cost ownership for advanced ultrasonic measurement technology
  • Easy to install without special  skills
  • No limiting to liquids and material material,can work for metal container
  • No contact to liquid, no pollution to liquids
  • Low power consumption, good performance
  • Small size body and easy to install, suitable for various of liquid level measurement

The liquid ultrasonic tank level sensor is an innovation electronic level device for external liquid level measurement. Based on ultrasound echo principle,the ultrasonic liquid level sensor adopts ultrasonic penetration technology to sense non-contact liquid level in container, and can be used for high temperature and high-pressure closed container.Except for common liquids,the level sensor can also provide accurate level measurement for a variety of toxic substances, strong acid, strong alkali and a variety of pure liquid.

External installing way is different from traditional type ultrasonic liquid level sensor. Traditional ultrasonic level sensor is usually required to be directly face to level and doesn't allow to be blocked,otherwise traditional type can work. Thus, container is closed tank,it require to cut to make ultrasound through.

Our clamp on ultrasonic tank level sensor doesn't need to do like that. It can be installed onto external surface and doesn't need to open or cut. The tank level sensor supports 2 typical installing way, one is installed at bottom,the other is side mounted. If installed at bottom, the ultrasonic level sensor will be continuous level measurement for liquids in tank. If side mounting installing, the sensor will be point level detector. It can be used for closed container or open container.

Unlike capacitive liquid level sensor,the ultrasonic liquid level sensor doesn't has no limit to container material, so it can work well for metal containers and non-metal containers.Thus,no matter whether the container material is metal (steel,aluminium,etc) or non-metal(e.g.plastic,poly, glass, ceramic, etc), the clamp on ultrasonic level controller can work well. Of course, if container material is non-metal, e.g.plastic,glass,etc, it is firstly recommended to consider our low cost non contact water level sensor which is a higher cost-effective solution.


  • Wide power supply from 3.3vdc to 12vdc.
  • Full range real-time tracking technology, Re-start is not required when empty tank is filled with liquid.
  • High frequency ultrasonic sensor ensures better performance
  • Installing and debugging is easier to do
  • High measurement resolution of 1mm
  • Static protection design, connecting wire is equipped with protection components
  • High accuracy, output real-time level height value
  • Suitable liquids with different density and status
  • Suitable for containers with various of materials and various of wall thickness
  • Stable performance with strong anti-jamming ability


The ultrasonic liquid level sensor is used for real-time level detecting for various of liquids and specially for projects that requires non contact liquid level measurement. Ultrasonic tank level sensor has been widely used for beverage production, household appliances, medical equipment, drinking water equipment, chemical equipment, industrial automation, and the detection of dangerous liquids in various industries.

Technical Specification

  • Power supply for RS485 output: 3.3-12Vdc; Average working current: <30mA
  • Power supply for level switch NPN/PNP,etc: 12-36Vdc; Average working current: <25mA
  • Blind spacing value:<=50mm
  • Level height range: 50-2000mm
  • Working period: 1S
  • Resolution: 1mm
  • Accuracy(common temperature):±(5+Sx1%)mm  (RS485 output)
  • Frequency: 2MHz
  • Working temperature:-15℃-+60℃
  • Storing temperature:-25℃-+80℃
  • -----------------------------Switch Output: NPN/PNP--------------------------
  • Response time(Having liquid): 2S
  • Response time(No liquid): 2S
  • Driving current: 500mA

Typical Application

1.Industry tank with chemical liquid. 

Traditional level monitor way for chemical liquid is usually float switch. With float switch installing, it will require to cut hole. After installing, it also require to plug the hole. If the plugging is not good, it may be leakage and very dangerous. If use our ultrasonic level detector, it doesn't need to cut hole and installing is very simple. It will avoid risk of leakage.

2.Liquid status poisonous gas or flammable gas.

Such fluid are stored in closed tank. If cut it, it may be risk of leakage. Thus, it is better to select clamp on level measurement way.

3.Traditional water level control.

Traditional way for water tank is float switch. It also requires to cut holes. The installing is very complicated and cost time and money. Also float switch is easily fault.Thus, it is ideal choice to select our ultrasonic level controller.

4. New project or innovative requirement.

Research is full of imaging. Maybe your new project requires clamp on level detecting. Our level will be suitable for your requirement with high cost-effective solution.

Installing Way

1.If you want continuous level measurement, you may select bottom installing. This requires one piece of level sensor detector.

2.If you require high/low level controlling, you need side vertical installing. This requires two piece: one is for low level alarm, the other is for high level alarm.

For Continuous Level Measurement

Bottom Installing

Side Installing for Point Level High/Low Alarm

Side Vertical Installing