Ultrasonic level meters are a kind of continuous level detector.It is suitable for liquid and solid level measurement. It features non-contact, high cost-effective,high reliability,long life using,etc. Ultrasonic level transducers don't need to contact medium and can meet most of application.

We have developed ultrasonic leve gauges for over 20 years, and have our unique processing technology and manufacturing technique. We are always working hard to supply ultrasonic level with high-cost effective solution. With good performance, our ultrasonic level metes have been widely used in various of industires.

Our ultrasonic level have separated type and integrated type. Separated type refers to electronic converter and ultrasonic probes are connected  by cable. We also provide customizing manufacturing for explosion-proof, anticorrosion,compact size, small range measurement,etc.

Technical Features:

  • Built-in temperature compensation ensures higher accuracy(part of models)
  • Unique sensor production processing for long life
  • ABS enclosure, IP65 water-proof
  • Over 30 years RD in ultrasound technology
  • Patented electronic wiring design
  • Stable performance and low price

Note: Explanations of  Temperature Compensation