The mini weather station is developed on the basis of compact design ultrasonic wind sensor. Unlike traditional mechnical wind direction sensor and 3-cup wind speed sensor, ultrasonic wind sensor can be designed with a very small size and the electronic wind sensor can provide more accurate measurement.  Due to no moving parts, it has a long-term stable performance and longer working life.

Based on our rich experience in developing ultrasonic measurement technology with cost-effective solution, we have been working hard to reduce material cost but still to ensure stable performance. Comparing with traditional miniature weather station, the ultrasonic weather station has a smaller structure with more funtions. Except wind seepd and wind direction, ultrasonic weather station can measure air temperature, air relative humidity, atmospheric pressure, rain gauge,etc. Meanwhile, these datas can be retrieved by remote RS485 Modbus-RTU.

                           Ultrasonic Mini Weather Station

                                                            Standard Model and Max 8-in-1 function

Based on our latest standard model ultrasonic wind speed direction sensor, it can support Max 8 parameters integrated into a compact body. Of course, if allowing, rain gauge or function model are optional.  The 8 parameters can be readout by RS485 Modbus. If require anolog output,e.g. 4-20mA, 0-5V,etc, the signal can be only for wind value.

The mini weather station is developed on electronic units and no moving parts.  Thus, it can ensure accurate measurement, stable performance, long working life, high cost-effective solution,etc.  The weather station can be used for home, garden, agriculture, industry, traffic,environment,lab,etc.


  • High Accuracy:  With qualitive ICs and unique software processing, the ultrasonic weather station is featured with good accracy. Built-in electronic compass optional can be used to reduce errors while installing.
  • Stable Communication: with industrial class RS485 (Modbus) output, all of datas can be retreived by the protocol. Modbus is very popular communication protocol in the world.
  • High Cost Effective Solution: The price for the compete weather station with the multi-function will be very very low, even may be the bottom price in the market.
  • Compact design: The weather station utilizes compact integrated design with multi-parameters measurement.  The whole body is small size, light-weight, no moving parts, and easy to transport and install.
  • Strong Protection: The weather station is made of qualitive ultraviolet-proof enclosure. Its design has strong waterproof to meet the standard of IP66-IP68(decided by final configuration), thus, the whole working life is much longer. The weather station is not influenced by heavey snow and heavy rain,etc.

Measurement Range:

  • Wind speed:  0-60m/s;
  • Temperature: -40℃+120℃;
  • Atmospheric pressure: 0-120Kpa;
  • CO2: 0-5000ppm;
  • Intensity of illumination:0-200000 Lux

Main Parameters:

  • Power supply:10-30VDC
  • Signal Output:RS485(Modbus-RTU)
  • Max power consumption: 1.2W
  • Electronic direction module optional, no require direction while install
  • Wind direction: 0-359°
  • Relative Humidity: 0%RH-99%RH
  •  Noise:30dB-120dB
  • PM2.5/PM10: 0-1000ug/m3 (For PM and CO2, select one)


  • Wind speed:  ±3%;   Wind direction: ±3°
  • Temperature: ± 0.5℃;  Humidity: ±3%RH (25℃)
  • Air pressure: ±0.15Kpa@25℃;  Noise: ±3db
  • Lux:±7%(25℃);  PM2.5/PM10: ±10%(25℃)
  • CO2: ±(40pmm+3%F.S.) (25℃)


  • For CO2 and PM2.5/PM10, only select one.
  • If require rain gauge, we have tipping-bucket rain gauge and electronic rain gauge optional.
  • Except the model, if your project is sensitive to budget target, we have a lower price model optional.