Clamp on flow meterPortable ultrasonic flow meter is designed to provide accurate liquid flow measurement in closed pipe.The portable flow meters are suitable for clean liquid or liquid with average bubble or particles. The liquid mainly includes potable water,ultra-pure water,sea water,sewage water,river water,alcohol,clean oil,etc.With clamp on flow transducers and battery power, portable flow meter is an ideal powerful tools for flow checking,comparison and survey. Light weight and rugged protection case make it convenient to carry.

Portable clamp on flow meters mainly have two kinds of flow converters:portable flow meter and handheld flow meter. Portable water flow meter has a bigger size,and has a longer battery time.Handheld flow meter has compact design and lower price. Portable flow can be also equipped with micro printer for spot data printing.

Handheld ultrasonic flow meter has a compact size and can be held by one hand. Portable type has a RS485 port or 4-20ma optional.Handheld unit has a RS232 9-pin port. Of course, this is not big difference. Handheld flow meter can be specially made with RS485 port or 4-20mA output.But if requires printer, portable flow meter is the sole choice. Otherwise, handheld flowmeter is a better choice because it has a higher cost-effective feature.


Handheld Ultrasonic Flow Meter

At first,portable ultrasonic flow meter usually had a bigger size body and weight,and thus it is not easy to carry and move. After following advice from users, we decided to develop small size handheld ultrasonic flow meter and released it to market. The handheld flowmeter can be held by one hand only, and its price is lower than portable flowmeter,but its function is still ensured without loss. Thus, if you have no requirement for longer battery life, we recommend to select handheld ultrasonic flow meter.

Main Specification

  • Accuracy:+/-1% (Reading)
  • 10-12 hours after fully recharging. Longer time can be specially made.
  • RS232 port or RS485 port.
  • 4-20mA can be optional.
  • Enclosure: ABS or PC
  • Data logger: 2400 lines. 2G data logger optional.

Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meter

With bigger size body, portable ultrasonic flow meters can be equipped with built-in printer. Meanwhile, bigger body can also allow to install more battery. Its enclosure can be metal or ABS optional. Comparing with handheld flow meter, the portable flow meter has bigger battery for longer working time. We also have different styles portable flow converter optional.

Main Specification

  • Accuracy:+/-1% (Reading)
  • 15-24 hours after fully recharging. Longer time can be specially made.
  • 2-pin RS485 port.
  • 4-20mA can be optional.
  • Enclosure: Aluminium
  • Data logger: 2G or 4G data logger or Built-in printer. (Only select one)

Which to Select?
You may be questioned which one type is to select in the two types. The following will help you make the decision.

  • Whether need longer battery working time. If 10-12 hours are ok. handheld flowmeter is your first choice.
  • Whether need printer. If yes,select portable flow meter.

Why ultrasonic flow meter most suitable as portable flow?

Before ultrasonic flow meter released, many other flow meters are used as portable flow meters. However,them have many disadvantages: cutting pipe, big and heavy,complicated to install, big cost of battery power,no data storing,etc. Then clamp on ultrasonic flow meters almost all of problems perfectly. Clamp on installing way doesn't cut pipe and easy to install and operate.Lower power consumption design can make battery working for long. Built-in data logger can store data for long-term and take them for further process on computer.Light weight avoids hard task to move them to different installing points.

Thus,at present stage,clamp on ultrasonic flow meter is almost the sole choice to be as portable flow meter. As the experienced developer and manufacturer, we have released different types portable flow meters with reliable performance and very economic price.