Pool flow meter is used to measure flow rate of water pipe. The flow rate is important in pool system. Flow rate refers to the amount of water which runs through your pool pipe within a set period.

If a swimming pool is for commercial public place, it should change water at regulated time period, so you absolutely require a flow meter to monitor the water flow rate that is consumed, meanwhile, advanced technology flow meters (e.g. magnetic or ultrasonic flow meter) can provide responding controlling signal to switch ON/off your pump automatically. If a swimming pool is used for residential application, flow meter is also necessary, because many pool equipment is decided by flow rate, and meanwhile water quality and cleanness is also dependent on flow rate.

The traditional swimming pool water flow meter is variable area flow meter or turbine flow meters. Such pool flow meters are mechanical type flow devices and have many disadvantages, e.g. shorter life, poor accuracy, dial (not easy to read), narrow flow range, need to cut pipe, etc. Thus, in order to solve problems, we release LOW COST digital clamp on ultrasonic flow meters for pool water flow metering.

Comparing with mechanical type pool flow meters, clamp on flow meters feature lower flow startup, wide flow range, no need to cut pipe, digital display, no moving parts, longer life, long-term stability, etc. Meanwhile, our clamp on flow meters have a very high cost-effective feature.

Clamp on pool water flow meters have fixed type and portable type. Both of them can support big memory data logger and related data management software available which can easily help you manage your flow data. Fixed type is external power and suitable for long-term installing. Portable type is battery power and doesn't need external power supply, it provides mobile application. You may select one as your requirement.

With clamp on flow meter, you won't need to cut your beautiful PVC pipe or other material pipe and avoid risk of leakage. Our clamp on flow have been widely used for residential and commercial pool using.