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  • No moving parts,maintenance free
  • No risk of leakage,No risk of corrosion
  • No need to cut hole
  • Affordable solution
  • Versatile outputs and communication
  • Easy to install without special  skills
  • High accuracy
  • Widely used for various of vehicles

The ultrasonic fuel level sensor is designed for external level gauge of vehicles oil consumption. It provides continuous level measurement for oil tank. It doesn't need to cut oil tank, and just attach the sensor to bottom of tank. Then by special digital signal processing technology, the sensor produces standard digital signal and analog signal. The product has been widely used for fuel oil check and monitoring in various of vehicles. By combining with GPRS/GSM communication technology, users can do wireless remote management for truck oil consumption so that can reduce running cost and avoiding fuel stealing.

Typical Application:
GPS Diesel Fuel Level Measurement and Oil Consumption Monitoring for Trucks.


  • High accurate measurement: 1mm accuracy and 0.1mm resolution. Do temperature calibration between -40℃ to 80℃to ensure precise data collecting between high temperature and low temperature environment.
  • Good performance. Adopt the latest ultrasonic non-contact technology. Comparing with traditional contact-type level meters, the level sensors don't need to contact oil, which can ensure performance and prolong using life.
  • Easy clamp-on installing. Just attach the sensor to the bottom of oil tank. Don't need change the former measurement structure of oil tank. No need to cut. Such external installing way saves installing cost.
  • Simple using. There are various of standard communication ports which can be compatible with existing GPS/GPRS modules in market. This can reduce cost of secondary developing. Users can operate the level sensors easily and smoothly.
  • Strong EMC capability. Can eliminate electrostatic interference of most of automobile parts, even electromagnetic interference of thunder and lightning.
  • Alarm function. The level sensors can be connected with external horn to alarm for fast dropping of oil level and wire cutting.


  • Accuracy: +/-1.5%(Note1)
  • Resolution:+/-0.1mm
  • Power supply: 9-36Vdc
  • Measurement range: 5-100cm
  • Pressure range: -0.1MPa to 32MPa
  • Temperature compensation range: -40-80
  • Analog voltage output: 1-5Vdc(0-100cm) (Default)
  • Analog current output: 4-20mA(0-100cm)
  • Digital output: RS232(Default); RS485.(Refer to Communication Protocol)
  • Alarm function: Can connect external horn
  • Installing way: Bottom of oil tank
  • Working temperature: -40-80
  • Storing temperature: -50-100
  • Dimension: 102x48x25mm(with fixing holes)
  • Wire length: 7m (shielding function)
  • Whole weight: 800g
  • Protection class of ultrasonic sensor: IP66

Note1: Test Conditions:

  • Common temperature
  • Common humidity
  • 1 Standard atmospheric pressure
  • Medium oil is diesel.