• No contact,no cutting,no risk of leakage,No risk of corrosion
  • GPRS/GPS/Online video for fuel monitoring
  • Affordable solution,high accuracy; easy to install
  • Suitable for any clean liquids,typical is fuel oil,diesel,gasoline,milk,water,etc
  • Widely used for various of vehicles,e.g. various of trucks,engineering machinery, generator,etc
  • Versatile output: RS232/RS485(Modbus or company similar protocol); Analog 0-5VDC output

Ultrasonic fuel tank level sensor is developed to provide external tank fuel gauge with digital display optional. The fuel gauge sensor provides continuous level measurement for diesel, petrol, water, milk and any other liquids(clean and average). With non contact working way, the fuel sensor is installed from tank bottom bottom and no need to cut oil tank. Thus, its installing is very simple, and features no cutting, no open, no fluid touching, no leakage risk, no risk of corrosion, etc.

The fuel tank level sensor utilizes high frequency ultrasonic time of flight principle with special digital signal processing technology, which can make sound wave to penetrate tank wall to sense liquid level inside tanks. By this, the fuel level sensor has been widely used for various of trucks and engineering machinery,e.g. truck,excavator, mining truck, mixer truck, bus, taxi, tractor, generator,etc.

By combining with GPRS/GPS/online video, the ultrasonic fuel level sensor can support real-time wireless remote fuel gauge and monitoring. Thus,it can be used for truck oil consumption management so that can reduce external unnecessary cost and avoiding fuel stealing.

Working Principle:

In fluids, ultrasound has features of good directivity,strong penetrating and far propagating Distance, thus ultrasound has widely been used for level measurement.
The ultrasound signal is produced by ultrasonic probe,then ultrasonic signal can penetrate through tank wall(e.g. oil tank), and continue to run in liquids, when ultrasound wave reaches an interface between two different mediums (e.g. interface for diesel and air,or interfance between diesel and fuel tank separator,etc), it will reflect, and ultrasonic signal will return to ultrasonic probe. By this principle, it can calculate the current liquid level value.
Note: An obstacle will prevent ultrasonic signal, thus it should avoid in during actual installing.

Typical Application:

  • Fuel tank level for vehicles fuel consumption
  • Truck fuel tank level monitoring in transportation
  • Boat fuel tank level gauge
  • Railway fuel tank monitoring in transportation
  • Fuel consumption monitoring for generators
  • liquefied gas(LPG,LNG)tank level measurement
  • Tank level sensor for liquid without pollution,etc.mike
  • Liquid storage tank for industrial projects
  • Other liquid tank level measurement requires non contact way


  • Higher accurate. Temperature calibration is done(at -40℃ to 85℃) to ensure price0 data in high&low temperature environment.
  • Good performance without no moving parts on advanced ultrasonic non-contact technology. Comparing with traditional float fuel gauge, the fuel level sensors have longer life,higher accuracy,etc.
  • Easy clamp-on installing. Just attach the sensor to the bottom of tank. Don't need change the existing structure. No need to cut. External installing way saves you installing cost and future maintainance fee.
  • Simple using. There are various of standard communication ports which can be compatible with existing GPS/GPRS modules in market. This can reduce cost of secondary developing. Users can operate the level sensors easily and smoothly.
  • Strong EMC capability. Can eliminate electrostatic interference of most of automobile parts, even electromagnetic interference of thunder and lightning.
  • Alarm function. The level sensors can be connected with external horn to alarm for fast dropping of oil level and wire cutting.
  • Remote fuel gauge: digital serial port or analog voltage output are available to connect with GPRS/GPS/Video for wireless remote monitoring.

Specification of Standard Model:

  • Accuracy: +/-0.5%(Note)
  • Resolution:+/-1mm(1m range); +/-2mm for 2m range
  • Power supply: 9-36Vdc
  • Max. Measurement range: 1m(default), 2m optional;
  • Pressure range: 0.8MPa
  • Analog voltage output: 0-5Vdc
  • Digital output: RS232(9600bps), RS485(9600bps); Baud rate & data transmission interval can be made as order.
  • Communication protocol: Modbus(Similar),Omni-comm LLS protocol, our own protocol
  • Installing way:External installing at bottom of tank
  • Working temperature: -40-85 Deg.C.
  • Working Humidity: 5%-90% RH
  • Lowest level measured(effective):4-6cm (Decided by tank material)
  • Tank wall thickness(Max.):8mm(1m range); 12mm(Over 2m range)
  • Display: LED(Separated type) or Signal output only(Integrated type)

Specification of Extensive Model:

  • Accuracy: +/-0.1%(Note)
  • Resolution:1mm
  • Power supply: 12-36Vdc
  • Max. Measurement range: 1m, 2m and 3m
  • Pressure range: 0.8MPa
  • Analog voltage output: 0-5Vdc/1-5V/4-20mA (Require special production.)
  • Digital output: RS232(9600bps), RS485(9600bps); Baud rate & data transmission interval can be made as order.
  • Communication protocol:our own protocol. Modbus, CAN requires special making.
  • Installing way:External installing at bottom of tank
  • Sensor working temperature: -40-100 Deg.C. (Higher temperature optional)
  • Converter working temperature:-20-70 Deg.C.
  • Lowest level measured(effective):1.5-2CM (Decided by tank material)
  • Tank wall thickness(Max.):1-8mm(Max 40mm optional)
  • Display: No display as default. LED or LCD display optional
  • Struction: Separated type as default. Integrated type optional
  • Real-time temperature compensation ensures higher accuracy

Note: Test Conditions:
Common temperature,Common humidity,1 Standard atmospheric pressure and test oil is diesel.

 Problem for Moving Tanks & Our Special Solution

Fuel tanks,typical having diesel tanks or gasoline tanks on vehicles, are often on moving or running, thus if external ultrasonic fuel level sensors are not equipped with excellent signal processing technology, users may find they can't get right data,and no stable data output,etc.

In order to deal with the problem, we utilize patented processing technology on special mathematics modeling which can ensure better performance. If you have purchased unstable fuel level sensors from wrong suppliers, why not try our product one more time. There are some suppliers sell similar products, but that means the product are the same.

We have invovled with ultrasonic measurement technology for decades of years and have strong power in software and hardware. Our experienced engineers can also provide professional technical after-service.

2 Main Kinds of  Diesel Fuel Tanks on Trucks 

Diesel fuel tanks on trucks mainly have 2 kinds as below:

  • Diesel fuel tank equipped for truck own using. The diesel tank is usually smaller.
  • Diesel fuel tank transported by truck. Such tank is usually bigger and require higher level range.

Please kindly note external fuel level sensors are difference for the 2 kinds of diesel fuel tanks. Please kindly indicate while order.

Application of Fuel Tank Level Sensors