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Air duct temperature and humidity transmitter is developed on professional digital CMOS which have been developed for several generations. The temp. humidity sensors have been widely used for air duct monitoring in HVAC. It provides real temperature and relative humidity data in air duct pipe. It adopts industrial class standard port of 4-20mA/0-5V/0-10V analog output and digital RS485 output, which can be easily connected with digital panel meter, PLC, frequency converter, industrial controlling unit, etc.

The temperature humidity transmitter feature low cost,higher accuracy, small shifting,etc. It is also convenient to install in air duct. With anti-interference wiring design, the transmitter can bear various of electromagnetic interference. The enclosure is water-proof class. The temp. humidity sensor is introduced our special processing technique which is durable and can be used for application of damp and high dust.

The temperature and humidity monitor has been widely used in building automation, signal acquisition of ambient and HVAC, greenhouse cultivation, pharmaceutical and chemical operations Industry and so on.

The temperature and humidity transmitters have integrated type and separated type optional. Meanwhile, it can provide display optional. The default is no display and integrated type. If require other configuration, please indicate while order.

Technical Features:

  • -40-80Deg.C.,-20-80 Deg.C.,-40-60 Deg.C., 0-50 Deg.C. can be selected by dial switch. You can freely change it at spot. Other measuring range can be made as requirement.
  • Analog and Digital RS485(Modbus) optional
  • Low price and high accuracy
  • Wiring terminals adopt military class spring type screw-free pins. Easy to connect. Even though there is no screwdriver, users can make a quick wire connecting.
  • Wide power supply of 10-30Vdc and can be suitable for 3-wire and 4-wire connection.

Technical Specification:

  • Power Supply: 10-30Vdc(default).Recommend 24Vdc for 0-10Vdc output
  • Max power Consumption:1.2W
  • Temperature Accuracy: +/-0.3 Deg.C.(25 Deg.C.)
  • Humidity Accuracy: +/-3%RH(5%-95%RH,25Deg.C.)
  • Default Measuring Range:-40-80 Deg.C., 0%-100%RH
  • Long-term stability: <=0.1Deg.C./year(Temp.); <=1%RH/y(Humidity)
  • Analog output: 4-20mA(current)
  • 0-5Vdc/0-10Vdc (voltage)
  • Digital RS485(Modbus-RTU) optional.
  • Load capability: output resistor<=250ohm(voltage output);<=600ohm(current output)
  • Electronic Working Temperature: -40-60Deg.C.
  • Electronic Working Humidity: 0%-80%RH
  • Sensor Working Temperature:-40-120Deg.C..Default is -40-80 Deg.C.
  • Sensor working humidity: 0%RH-100%RH
  • Structure of Electronic/sensor: Integrated type or separated type optional. Default is integrated type.



  • The specification above is listed for transmitter without LED screen.The transmitter can select LED display screen. The default is no display function.
  • If the temperature is over 80 Deg.C., the sensors may be damaged. For this application, please feel free to contact us for higher temperature version.
  • If field application temperature is over 100 Deg.C. or long-term at 90Deg.C., please select separated type or metal version integrated type.
  • The default version is analog output version. For RS485 output, please indicate while order.
  • We provide customizing service for special requirement. If you can't find proper items on our site, please feel free to contact us.
  • The parameters above are measured at 25 Deg.C. if there is no special indication.

Important Notes During Using

Instruments belong to precision products whose performance may be influenced by different factors. In order to ensure accuracy and stability, please note the following:

  • Should put transmitter under measuring condition for enough time.
  • Avoid being close to heat resource, cold resource, or under the sun directly.
  • Avoid long-term positioned in condition of steam, water mist and condensation.
  • Need regular clear for sensor protection mesh under dust or other pollution environment.
  • Please don't use hand to touch the transmitter probe, otherwise the probe will be damaged.

Installing Way: Thread and Duct Insertion Installing

Duct Insertion Installing

Thread Screw Connection