• High accuracy with ecomomic solution
  • No moving parts,long working life,strong anti-jamming
  • Solid design with wholly metal enclosure for harsh environment
  • Auto-calibration, no temperature shift, not influence by fluid
  • Fully digital sampling,not A/D converting,real digital level sensor
  • Unique patented processing technology for cold environment
  • Versatile signal output,4-20mA,5v/10vdc, rs485,Hart,CAN-BUS,MODBUS

The capactive fuel level sensor is specially designed for oil tank level measurement. Capactive fuel level sensor can provide accurate oil level measurement and widely used for railway locomotive, fuel tank, fuel generator, UVA(unmanned aerial vehicle), oil storage tank depot, truck tanks,etc.

Capactive fuel level sensor is made on capacitance conductive technology. Comparing with traditional oil float switch, it has no moving parts,thus it overcomes many defects of float switches which mainly easy blocking, shorter life, not reliable,poor accuracy,etc. Meanwhile, capactive level sensors can support remote signal output,e.g. 0-5V/10V, 4-20mA, RS485,HART,CAN-Bus,MODBUS,GPS,etc. You can monitor and manage your oil consumption at real-time without manual checking.

Our capactive liquid level sensor utilizes advanced Radio Frequency Capacitance Detection Circuit as core key part, then by 16-bit MCU,added with precise temperature compensation and linearity correction. The level sensors also have been equipped with auto-calibration function. Users can do auto calibration by keys or signal wires to meet different requirements for complicated application.

Capactive fuel level sensors supports Tomography technology to do dynamic parameters analysis of level sensors in medium,then automatically do accurate compensation. The whole sensor has no moving parts and elastic fitting, and can bear impact,easy to install. The sensors have been used for many applications to get a precise monitoring for diesel, gasoline, hydraulic fluid,etc.. The fuel level sensors can also be used to test various of non-conductive liquid. It can be suitable for measuring conductive medium on very harsh spot applications,e.g. strong EMC interference, violetn stirring,etc.

Capactive Level Sensor Working Principle:

Capactive level sensor measures level by testing capacitance difference. You can image a metal rod as electrode, and the container wall as the other electrode. The medium between 2 electrodes are liquids and the upper air.
Because dielectric constant of liquid(E1) and air(E2) are different, for example, when E1>E2, if level is increased, the E value becomes bigger, capacitance value is also bigger. Conversely, if level is down, E value becomes smaller, capacitance value is lower.
The probe part of our level sensor is a coaxial container. When fluid goes into the container, it will cause changing of capacitance value between sensor enclosure and induction electrode. The changing value will be converted by precise circuit to be standard signal output.

Typical Specification:

  • Level measurement range: 100-1400mm
  • Accuracy:0.5 or 0.2 otpional
  • Liquid temperature range:-40-70
  • Pressure range:0.1-0.6MPa
  • Power supply: 12-26VDC (Intrinsically safe should be supplied by safety grid.)
  • Signal output:4-20mA, 4-20mA(HART),RS485, Modbus,CAN-Bus
  • Probe diameter:12mm,16mm,19mm
  • Installing way- Thread screw:M16x1,M18x1.5,M20x1.5,M27x2
  • Installing way-Flange:DN25,DN40,DN50. Others can be made as requirement.
  • Protection class:IP65
  • Explosion-proof: ExdIIC T5
  • Intrinsically safe: Exia IIC T6
  • Intrinsical parameters:Ui:28VDC,Ii:93mA,Pi:0.65W,Ci:0.042uf,Li:0mH