Ultrasonic flow meter is famous for its unique way of clamp on installing. This feature provides non intrusive flow measurement for closed pipe.  But in fact,except clamp on type,there are another two main types: insertion and inline ultrasonic flow meters. The later two types also have been widely used in various industries.With strong power,we can manufacture the three kinds of transit-time liquid ultrasonic flow meters .

As one of the leading manufacturer,we have developing ultrasonic flow meters for many years and can make full range of transit-time flow meters. It contains clamp on,insertion and inline type.

Ultrasonic flow meterNon Invasive Clamp On Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Clamp on ultrasonic flow meter is also called as clamp on flow meter or clamp on water flow meter.It can measure liquid volume flow from outside of closed pipe. Clamp on flow meter is developed on the basis of ultrasonic non-invasive technology.Ultrasonic technology mainly have two: transit-time and doppler. Transit-time flow is used to measure clean liquid, or liquid with average bubbles or particles. Doppler is mainly for dirty liquid flow measurement.

Clamp on installing way doesn’t need to cut pipe,so it doesn’t need to stop flow, and won’t influence normal manufacturing job. The flow meter doesn’t contact water directly, and does’t pollute fluid. Clamp on feature makes it easy and convenient to install and operate,and it also reduces the installing cost and material cost. Because no pipe cutting,there is no risk of leakage,and almost no maintenance cost in future. Without moving parts,users are no need to replacement parts, because no mechanical wearing.

Technical Features:

  • No moving parts,maintenance free
  • No risk of leakage
  • No risk of corrosion
  • Easy to install without any special training or skills
  • No pressure influence only pipe can insist
  • Can be used as portable flow meters for flow check and flow survey
  • Light weight to save shipping fees and storing space: when use turbine flow meter,magnetic flow meters or other invasive flow meters, they weight is very big which will improve shipping cost sharply,especially for international business.
  • Easy to use for wide size pipe,especially bigger pipe size.

Main Specifications:

  • Accuracy:+/-1-2%
  • Pipe size: DN20-4500mm
  • Velocity: 0-12m/s(bi-direction)
  • Output:RS485,relay,OCT pulse,4-20mA,0-20mA,frequency
  • Communication protocol: Modbus,Hart,M-bus
  • Temperature range of fluid: <=155 Deg.C.
  • Power supply: 9-36vdc,100-250vac,solar power
  • Working current:50mA
  • Data logger: built-in data logger. 4G data logger optional
  • Protection class: flow sensors IP68. Flow converter: IP65. IP67 or IP68 can be ordered.
  • Language: English/Italian

Hot-tap Ultrasonic Insertion Flow Meter

Insertion ultrasonic flow meter is developed for poor condition pipe that clamp on flowmeters can’t work well.e.g serious rusted pipe or cement pipe,etc.Our insertion flow meters can be used for pipe size over DN60mm. Insertion meter just needs to cut a small hole on pipe and no serious damage to pipe.

The weight of insertion flowmeter is very small and only cost less for international air shipping. This can sharply reduce purchasing fee of international buyer.

If pipe material is steel, the insertion transducers can be directly welded onto pipe surface. But if not, it will require fixing strap. User can buy it from us or make it in local market.

A patented hot-tap installing tool is optional. With the tool, insertion transducers can be installed without flow stop under 0.8MPa.

Ultrasonic Inline Flow Meter

We also provide ultrasonic inline flow meters for different application. Comparing with mechanical flow meters, our inline ultrasonic meter has no moving parts and won’t be blocked,meanwhile,its accuracy is not degraded as its using. Versatile outputs and digital window make user have a good experience.

Comparing with magnetic flowmeter,our inline ultrasonic flow meter has a higher cost-effective feature. Our inline flowmeters can be used for DN10-DN1000mm. If you are looking for a digital inline flowmeters,our ultrasonic inline flowmeter is your ideal choice.

We also provide hygiene ultrasonic inline flow meter for your choice.



Choose the Right Ultrasonic Flow Meters for Your Application


Low Cost Ultrasonic Flow Meter


Low Cost Ultrasonic Flow Meter (Wide DC Power only)

The flow meter can be used for flow and heat measurement. It has compact body and low price,but its function is still powerful.

The meter is designed for large quantity application with low budget.Of course, many home application can select it as its price is very low.

Its support wide DC power: 8-36Vdc and have a low power consumption. Its accuracy can be better than +/-1%.

It provide industry class Modbus communication protocol,and can be used for making network.

Small size body can bring light weight to reduce express shipping cost for international plane shipping.

Clamp on water flow meter


Wall Mounted Ultrasonic Flow Meter (DC/AC power supply)

Wall mounted ultrasonic flow meter has a rugged water-proof enclosure.It supports wide power of AC90-250v/DC8-36v. As one of main selling flowmeters, it has been developed for over 7 generations.The meter can support full set of flow transducers. Built-in Modbus protocol makes it more popular.

A built-in SD card data logger is optional for this meter. The data logger doesn’t require external power,and it can work well by stealing power from main PCB.The related data management software is available.

As a standard model, it has proven its strength and is your ideal choice.


Handheld ultrasonic flow meter

Handheld Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meter (Battery power)

Handheld portable ultrasonic flow meter is our main selling portable type.It is well sold in many markets. With compact design, it can be held by one hand.This is very easy and convenient to carry it for spot flow checking. Its built-in battery can work over 10 hours after fully recharging. The meter is equipped with built-in data logger,and can be used for storing data. By our latest data management software,user can further process the data on your computer.

The flow meter supports different language version,and system language can be made as requirement. If you have such request,please feel free to contact.


Check More Details for Better Knowing of Ultrasonic Flowmeterborder-botm

Basic Structure and Running Process

Clamp on ultrasonic flow meters mainly have three parts: flow converter,flow transducer(flow sensor) and special connection cable.Flow converter is the main unit and in charge of processing.The function of converter is similar to brain of human being. Flow transducer is sensing parts to detect flow signal. Flow signal is sent to converter by cable. Then, converter processes related signal and get corresponding data.Digital signal process(DSP) is introduced to ensure the meter performance. If you want to buy clamp on ultrasonic flow meter,it is better to buy the 3 parts together.

In order to make flowmeter work, you at least require to order one flow converter and one set of flow sensors while order.

Fixed vs Portable Types: Which to Select?

Clamp on flowmeters mainly have two big types:fixed type and portable type. Fixed type, as its meaning, is fixed installing.It is used to monitor one pipe for long term.It includes several different flow converter,e.g.wall mounted,desktop,flow transmitter,low cost din-rail mounted,etc. Portable flow meters mainly have handheld type and standard version. Handheld type has a compact size and light-weight.It can be held by one hand. Standard version has a longer battery life and bigger size body. It can be equipped with mini printer for local data output.Portable ultrasonic flowmeters are used for flow check and comparison.

Promising Prospects of Ultrasonic Flowmeter

In the past, when mentioned flowmeter, first concept was inline type like water meter. Even by now, many technicians still keep such memory. But as the quick development, more and more users prefer to select clamp on flowmeter as their priority choice.Several years ago, the price of clamp on meter was very expensive and only VIP users can afford it. Thanks to technology improvement, several companies have devoted to reduce its price. As one of main player in the industry, we have been working hard for over 20 years.Luckily,we have sharply made its price lower. This can make more users have opportunity to experience such advanced flow devices.

Which is better: Clamp on, Insertion and Inline?

Generally speaking,clamp on flow meter is your top consideration as you have decided ultrasonic flow meters. Clamp on type doesn’t need to cut pipe and avoid many complicated jobs.You will feel so easy and comfortable to install clamp on flowmeter.

But if the pipe condition is very poor or not suitable for ultrasound, e.g. serious rusted, cement pipe,etc, clamp on type won’t be able to work. At this time, insertion flow meter is a better choice. It just requires to drill a very small hole in the pipe and can be installed without flow stop. Meanwhile, its weight is very small and can save shipping cost. Insertion flowmeter almost has no requirement for pipe material.

Inline flow meters are the most common type and many flow devices utilize inline structure. But inline ultrasonic flowmeter belongs to real digital flow meter. It has no moving parts and have a higher accuracy and longer life.Comparing with mechanical flow meters,it also has other unique advantages. Thus,inline ultrasonic flowmeter is still one good solution.