• Very low price and can reach the price of ultrasonic level meter,but better performance
  • Compact integrated design and can reach protecton class of IP65/IP67/IP68
  • Support bluetooth setting mode on mobile phone,convenient for on-site checking and viewing
  • Smaller blind space, narrow emission angle and higher Signal to Noise Ratio make the level sensors easier to install, meanwhile, higher resolution and better accuracy can be ensured.

Low price radar water level sensor is designed on advanced 80GHZ high frequency continuous radar technology. It utilizes millimeter class wave band chip, which can detect smaller targets than microwave radar. Thus, it can gain more precise results with stronger stability and higher resolution.

When the technologgy is used for non contact level measurement, the low cost radar water level sensor will gain a better performance than 26GHZ radar level or ultrasonic level.  Thus, 80GHZ radar level sensors are usually sold at high price in market. In order to reduce the high price and make more radar level sensors used, after several years's hard working, our engineeris team have developed related chips and can manufacture 80GHZ radar level with very low price, and the price even has reached the price of ultrasonic level.

For the low cost series of radar level sensors, we mainly have released 2 kinds of structures:

(1) Whole level sensors without LCD and local keys. For this, there are plastic enclosure and metal enclosure optional. This model will be provided with bluetooth based on mobile phone. Users can set and view by mobile phone.

(2). Complete level sensors with local LCD and local kesy. This model will be plastic body.

Both of them have the same accuracy. Users can select as actual requirement.

With low price and good performance,the low price radar water level sensors have been widely used for many projects. Except for water tanks, the radar water level sensors can also be used for rivers, lakers, pools, reservoirs, drain,etc. Comparing with ultrasonic level, radar level sensors not only have good stability, but also higher accuracy, and are not easily affected by environmental temperature and pressure, foam,fluctuating liquid level,etc.  In a word, you don't need to worry the unstability which is often up on ultrasonic level.  So the series of radard level sensors will be an ideal choice to replace ultrasonic level.