Digital differential pressure gauge is developed from high accuracy MEMS sensing technology and digital processing circuit. It can measure positive pressure,negative pressure and differential pressure. It can completely replace mechanical dial pressure gauge. It can be used to test pressure and differential pressure of fan and air blower,filter resistance, wind velocity, boiler ventilating, medical,orifice plate,etc.

The differential pressure indicator has no moving parts,so it features good performance,longer time,etc,its accuracy can reach ±1%FS or 0.5%. Digital display LCD/LED screen make value easy to read.Ultra-small design also make it installed on wall or embedded way. Local keys support setting functions of zero point calibration, unit changing, refreshing display time setup,auto sleep time setup,etc.

The digital differential pressure meter can support battery power or external power. When the spot application has no external power or not easy to get external power, user can only use battery power and max battery life can reach 2 years. The diff.pressure gauge uses universal AA batteries which are convenient to get. So it is easy to make future maintenance.

Measured medium:Air and Non flammable / non corrosive gas which have no sensitive to dust,dew and oil pollution.

Technical Specification:

  • Fluid temperature range:0-60°C
  • Temperature compensation range: 0-50°C
  • Accuracy:±1.0%FS
  • Long-term stability: ±0.5%FS/year
  • Working pressure: Overload:10xFS; Damaging pressue:15xFS
  • Temp.shift:<0.05%FS/°C(zero point);<0.08%FS/°C(full scale);
  • Keypad:3 tactile keys
  • Display: 4 digits LCD with pressure unit display. If require LED, it will require external power supply.
  • Working temp.: LED:-20 to 85°C; LCD:-10 to 60°C
  • Protection class: IP65
  • Net Weight:280g
  • Enclosure material:PC
  • External power supply: 24VDC/AC or 110-250AC vailable.
  • Battery power: 4xAA,recommend LR6
  • While battery power:  Display refreshing time: can set 0.5/1/5/10s.(Default 1s). Auto sleep time: can set ON or 1/5/10min(Default:1min).
  • Battery using life: display refreshing time(1s)/Auto sleeping=ON  Set>=2years, display refreshing time>1s or set auto sleep time,longer using life.  Battery life is also decided by battery quality.

Low Price Digital Air Differential Pressure Gauge

The model is specially developed for digital air differential pressure measurement with high cost-effective solution. With good price, the model can be used to replace the dial diff.pressure meter. Its accuracy can reach 1% and can support battery power and external power. Digital display makes it easy and simple to read value. Meanwhile,electronic MEMS is introduced to  provides advanced technology support without moving parts,and can work for longer life and longer-term performance.

Main Parameters:

  • Measured fluid: Air or other gas(No inflammable,Non corrosive),not sensitive to moisture air/dust/condensation/oil pollution.
  • Fluid temperature range:0-60 Deg.C.
  • Working temperature range:-20-85 Deg.C.
  • Accuracy: +/-1%(Battery power); 0.5 accuracy (External power)
  • Power supply: battery 9F  or external 24VDC
  • Measurement range:0-60-125-200---10000Pa
  • Protection class: IP65
  • Pressure units optional:Pa,Kpa,in.W.C.,mm.W.C.,mBar
  • Display screen: LCD
  • Temperature compensation: full range

Mechanical Dial Differential Pressure Gauge

Dial differential pressure gauge is for air and gas differential pressure measurement.
It has been widely used for medical, microelectronic, environmental project, building, HVAC, food, precision machining, biotechnology, aviation, etc.

Technical Specification:

  • Accuracy: +/-4% full scale at 21℃
  • Connection port: NPT 1/8
  • Temperature range:-7 to +60℃
  • Dimension:121x56mm
  • Range optional:0-30-60-100-125-250-300-500-750.....5KPa,

For checking filter effect of wide, middle and high air filter, please use 0-125Pa,0-250Pa,0-500Pa,0-1000Pa,etc.
Watch the differential pressure value to replace filter.

Why Recommend Digital Air Differential Pressure Gauge: Mechanic Dial VS Electronic Digital

In the past,mechanical type differential pressure gauge was main items in market. As electronic technology development,digital differential pressure gauge has been released and well promoted. Its price is reduced sharply. Thus, it is time to replace mechanical type DP with digital type. Digital pressure gauge has higher accuracy, longer life, digital reading,etc.

Of course, except digital pressure gauge, we also supply mechanical type diff.pressure gauges with low price. OEM service is welcome. If have such requirement, please feel free to contact us.