• No moving parts,maintenance free,long life
  • Wide measuremen range,low startup monitor
  • High accururacy measurement for wind speed and wind direction
  • Adopt acoustic phase compensation technology for high accuracy
  • ABS or Aluminium enclosure,solid state,light weight
  • Low power consumption version optional, solar power or mobile application
  • GPS,electronic compass,atmospheric pressure,advanced rainfall module optional

The ultrasonic anemometer is developed on our proved ultrasonic technology of time difference. We have dealt with ultrasonic technology for decades of years and have accumulated rich experience in developing and manufacturing. We can provide 2D and 3D ultrasonic wind speed and direction sensors,especially our 2D ultrasonic wind sensor, it has a high cost-effective.

Ultrasonic anemometer is an ideal solution to replace traditional mechanical type wind measurement devices, it mainly have wind vane, wind turbine, windsock,etc. With a strong design and light weight, it can work well for long without worrying faulty. Meanwhile, no moving parts and anti-corrosive surface coating process make it no requirement for future maintenance and special expensive calibration.

Working Principle

The basic principle is ultrasonic time difference. The speed of sound transmission in air will be added on the upward wind flow. If ultrasound transmission direction is the same as wind direction, its speed will be increased,otherwise, its speed will become slower. Thus, under fixed condition, the transmission speed of ultrasound in air has function correspondence relationship with wind velocity. By calculation, wind speed and direction can be precisely known. When sound wave is travelling in air, its speed is heavily influenced by temperature. In order to solve the problem, our ultrasonic wind sensors measure the opposite direction of two channels. As a result, the temperature influence can be neglected.

Ultrasonic Wind Speed Direction Sensor

(Standard Model,Cost-Effective)

The ultrasonic wind speed direction sensor is developed on our latest technology. Its designing target is to balance between lower price and good performance. Thus, based on high cost-effective solution, it also features higher accuracy, stable performance, light-weight, solid-state,etc.  The ultrasonic wind sensor has been widely used for weather, ocean, environment, airport, industry, agriculture, school,lab,cultivation,etc.


  • No moving parts, minor wearing and tearing, longer working life
  • The random error identification technology can also ensure low discrete error and more stable output under strong wind.
  • No limiting for wind starting, zero wind velocity working, no limiting for angle,360 ° omni-directional, can measure wind speed and wind direction data
  • No need maintainance, no need on-site calibration
  • Compact design, lightweight, easy to carry and install

Technical Specification

  • Wind velocity range: 0-40m/s; and 60m/s can be customized.
  • Wind velocity accuracy: +/-3% or 0.2m/s+/-0.02V (V is actual wind velocity)
  • Wind velocity resolution: 0.01m/s
  • Wind Direction:range: 0-359 degree; Accuracy: +/-3 degree; Resolution: 1 degree
  • Power supply:12-28VDC
  • Max working power consumption: RS485 output:Max 0.3-0.4W. Analog output: Max 0.5W
  • Environment condition:-40~60℃,  0~100%RH
  • Signal output: RS485(Modbus-RTU), 4-20mA,0-5V,0-10V(Select one)
  • Baud rate:4800-19200
  • Protection class: IP66
  • Response time: 1S
  • Enclosure: ABS/Aluminium optional.

Note: Equipped with external outdoor multi-parameters sensors(with weather-proof shield house).


 Ultrasonic Weather Station Wind Sensor

Max 9 Functions Optional,Lower Power Consumption

This model is specially developed for low cost and low power consumption. Its power consumption is just 0.2W. It is more suitable for solar power or battery power application. Because of adopting new technology, its body is smaller. Its enclosure has ABS and metal aluminium which can meet different application. It has black and white color available.

The ultrasonic wind sensor can support Max 9 functions optional. Except wind velocity and wind direction,the ultrasonic anemometer can also supports air temperature,humidity, atmospheric pressure,rain gauge,lux, PM2.5/PM10.0,UV,radiation, optional.

Users can select ultrasonic wind speed and wind direction as basic model. Or select 6 functions and 9 functions optional.


Mainly used for weather station, agriculture, garden,tower crane,etc with low power consumption and small size.

Technical Specification

  • Wind Speed: range: 0-40m/s; Accuracy: +/-3%; Resolution: 0.1m/s
  • Wind Direction:range: 0-359 degree; Accuracy: +/-3 degree; Resolution: 1 degree
  • Temperature(optional): range: -40- +80 degree C; Accuracy: +/-0.5 degree C; Resolution: 0.1 degree C
  • Humidity(optional):range: 0- 100%RH; Accuracy: 5%; Resolution: 1
  • Atmospheric pressure(optional):range:150-1020hPa; Accuracy: +/-1hPa; Resolution: 0.1hPa
  • Digital output: RS485,RS232,SDI-12(Select one)
  • Baud rate:4800-19200
  • Communication protocol: Modbus; NMEA-0183(Select one)
  • Protection class: IP65
  • Operation temperature: -20 - +60 Deg.C.
  • Working humidity: 0-100%
  • Power supply: 5-12Vdc
  • Power consumption: 0.2W
  • Enclosure: ABS/Aluminium optional. Color: White/Black optional
  • Weight: ABS:0.38KG. Aluminium: 0.78KG
  • Dimension: D(84)x120(H)mm

Ultrasonic Anemometer Weather Station

Max 11 Functions Optional,Heating Function Optional

Comparing with economic type ultrasonic wind sensor above, the ultrasonic anemometer wind sensor is equipped with heat function. With built-in intelligent heating supply model, the ultrasonic anemometer can be used for very cold weather,e,g. frozen,etc.Meanwhile, 3D acceleration module can provide data of vertical and horizontal swing while on moving status.

The ultrasonic wind speed direction sensor can support Max 11 functions optional. Except wind direction and wind speed as default function, it can support GPS,Electronic compass,atmospheric pressure, radar rainfall module,radiation, UV,  EMC shielding,MP2.5 and PM10. With these functions, it will be a complete version digital intelligent weather station kit.


Except common application above, this model can be used for cold weather and moving object,e.g. car, train,etc.

Technical Specification

  • Measurement range: 0-60m/s(wind velocity); 0-359 degree(wind direction); Resolution: 0.1m/s
  • Accuracy: +/-2%(wind velocity); +/-3 degree(wind direction);
  • Resolution: 0.01m/s(wind velocity); 1 degree(wind direction);
  • Analog output: 2-ways 4-20mA output(<=500 ohm);
  • Digital output: RS485,RS232,SDI-12(Select one)
  • Baud rate:4800-19200
  • Communication protocol: Modbus; NMEA-0183(Select one)
  • Protection class: IP65
  • Operation temperature: -40 - +70 Deg.C.
  • Working humidity: 0-100%
  • Power consumption;1W(Heating status<=3W).
  • Low power mode consumption:0.12W
  • Power supply: 12-24Vdc
  • Dimension:145(D)x138(H)mm
  • Weight:0.78kgs
  • Enclosure material:ABS


1.The default model optional: basic function for wind speed/direction, 6 functions and 9 functions available

2.Body size,enclosure and color may vary. If you have certain requirement, please feel free to contact us.

Installing with Base

We can provide installing base for our ultrasonic anemometer as requirement. Of course, users can make it.