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  • No moving parts
  • High accuracy,Compact design
  • Temperature,humidity,barometer,wind direction,wind speed
  • Rain gauge,lux,radiation,PM2.5 optional
  • No need to clean by manual
  • Heating module for cold area optional
  • Economic model available

We have developed series of automatic weather station based on advanced MEMS technology. The professional weather station can measure several parameters, mainly including atmosphere temperature, atmosphere humidity, wind speed, wind direction, barometer, rain gauge, lux, radiation and PM2.5. For garden and agriculture application, accurate soil moisture sensor and leaf wetness moisture sensor.

The unique though that has no moving parts is always insisted in our developing process. This has caused many challenging in research. Anyway, we finally have solved them. For example, the wind speed/direction module is from ultrasonic technology, and rain gauge module is on optical and radar technology. We don't just add those sensor modules simply, but also have a comprehensive consideration in design.

The automated weather station is industrial class products with high accuracy performance. Our professional weather station kit has been widely used in home, garden, agriculture, marine, wind power generation and other applications with high requirement. Since it is industrial class, we also offer economic model for common application.

Our weather station kits support analog and digital outputs for remote outdoor using. The default is serial port RS485 and RS232 which supports standard Modbus protocol. Modbus is a kind of very popular industry communication protocol. Digital output can provide more accurate data. Of course, analog output is optional as requirement.

6-in-1 Mini Weather Station(Economic Type)

The model is specially developed for economic application with high performance. It can measure 6 parameters values of atmosphere temperature,atmosphere humidity,wind direction, wind speed, barometer and rainfall rate.The lux module and radiation module are optional for agriculture application. It adopts smaller size body with low power consumption. Its power consumption is only 1.7W and very suitable for application with solar power and battery powered.

Application: The model is very suitable for home,garden, agriculture,tower crane,etc.

Technical Specification:

  • Wind Speed range: 0-40m/s; accuracy:+/-3%; resolution: 0.1m/s
  • Wind direction range: 0-359 Degrees; accuracy:+/-3%; resolution: 1 degree
  • Temperature range:-40 to 80 Deg.C.; accuracy:+/-0.5 Deg.C.; resolution: 0.1 Deg.C.
  • Humidity range:0-100%; accuracy:+/-5%; resolution: 1
  • Barometer range: 300-1100hPa; accuracy:+/-1; resolution: 0.1hPa
  • Rain gauge range: 0-10mm/min; accuracy:+/-5%(wind speed<=3m/s); resolution: 0.01mm
  • Lux range(optional):0-1750W/m2; accuracy:+/-5%(vertical); resolution: 0.1lux
  • Radiation range(optional): 0-200000lux;accuracy:+/-4%(vertical); resolution: 0.1W/m2
  • Digital output: RS485, baud rate: 4800-19200
  • Communication protocol: Modbus
  • Protection class: IP65
  • Working temperature: -20 to 50 Deg.C.
  • Working humidity: 0-100%
  • Power supply: 5-12Vdc
  • Power consumption: 1.7W
  • ABS Enclosure dimension/weight: 84(D)x120mm, D is diameter. Weight:0.38kg
  • ABS Enclosure color: white/black optional

Note: This model has no heating module in order to reduce power consumption. So it is not suitable for very cold area.

5-in-1 /6-in-1/9-in-1 Small Professional Weather Station

This series are standard models for industrial class and rugged application. It has higher accuracy and quicker response time. It can support heating module optional for cold ambient. And its rain gauge module is 24G radar type which has higher performance. GPS positioning module and compass can be added as requirement for automobiles,marine and other moving equipment.

5-in-1 model: Temperature, Humidity, Barometer, Wind direction,Wind speed

6-in-1 model: Temperature, Humidity, Barometer, Wind direction,Wind speed, 24G radar rain gauge

9-in-1 model: Temperature, Humidity, Barometer, Wind direction,Wind speed, rain gauge, lux,radiation,PM2.5/CO2