Ultrasonic water meter is specially designed for accurate water flow measurement.It is developed on the principle of transit-time technology. Based on our patented low power consumption design,ultrasonic water flow meter can work for 4-10 years just by one piece of D size battery. As ultrasonic water meters are often installed in harsh environment,it is at least IP65 class water-proof, and higher class IP68 can be ordered as requirement.

As developed from ultrasonic inline&insertion flow meters,ultrasonic water meter also inherits related advantages from them.For example, no moving parts, no pressure loss, higher accuracy, wide flow range,low flow startup,digital display,etc. Meanwhile,ultrasonic water meter also has its main advantage-low power consumption and can be powered by built-in battery only. Thus,it is ideal to use for remote area without external power available. 

As flow sensors, our ultrasonic water flow meters have two types: standard inline style and insertion hot-tap. Inline style is often seen everywhere because most of water meters and flow meters are using such design.Insertion type is developed for bigger pipe size with higher cost-effective. Inline type is easier to install. We also provide patent hot-tap installing tool for insertion flow sensors. With the tool, insertion water meters can be installed without flow stop while water pressure is below 0.8MPa. The tool can be used for repeated purpose.

At present, ultrasonic water meters are gaining more and more market share.It has a very promising prospect. It is the ideal choice to replace mechanical water meters in the world. Even though compete with electromagnetic water meters, ultrasonic water flow meters still have many advantages. 

Pipe size

Inline ultrasonic meter can be used for DN15-DN1000mm. For DN15-DN40mm,it is thread connection and body material is copper or stainless steel. For DN50-DN1000mm,it is flange connection, and body is carbon steel or cast iron. For part of model, stainless steel can be made as requirement.

Insertion water meter can support pipe size from DN65-DN1200mm. Please kindly note when use DN65-DN80mm, user should indicate while order so that we can provide necessary fittings.Insertion flow sensors have different installing way for different pipe material. For more details about insertion flow sensor, please refer to the link: Ultrasonic Insertion Flow Meter

Main Technical Specification

  • Accuracy:B Class
  • Temperature class: T30;T50;T70. Higher temperature can be made.
  • Power supply: Built-in battery 3.6V or DC5V/DC12-36V
  • Communication protocol: RS485/TTL;M-BUS,Modbus
  • Outputs: OCT pulse/4-20mA(Require external power to the wire loop)

Residential Ultrasonic Water Meter(DN15-DN25 often used)

DN15-DN40mm pipe size is small size,and ultrasonic water meters are mainly used for residential purpose.At present, water resource becomes more and more expensive,thus, higher accuracy digital water meter for household is required. With M-bus or Modbus protocol, the water meters can be made with network,then related data will be automatically sent to control center. This can save too much time and fee of workers,and it is a powerful tool for water supplier.

Industrial&Commercial Ultrasonic Water Meter (DN50 and above) 

Plenty of big factories and plants always consume a lot of water everyday,that is decided by manufacturing process.These factories may be involved with steel&iron, automobile, chemistry,food,beverage,paper,mining,coal,etc. They must have flow meters or water meters to monitor how much water they have used every day.Otherwise, they will lose much money each year.Some of them may use flow meters,but many of them have to use ultrasonic water meters for areas without external power.

Commercial ultrasonic water meters are usually used for building and estate. Each building,even each floor may have water metes to test water using.It is very expensive and unsafe to lay wire for each water meter.Thus, battery powered water meters are the better choice.

Ultra-Light Ultrasonic Water Meter for Irrigation (DN50-DN100mm)

Agricultural has been a big water consumption industry and many countries have charged fee from farmer.But agricultural always have big area and external power is not easy to reach. In the past, turbine flow meter or mechanical water meter was main measurement devices. But both of them have many disadvantages. Later,battery powered ultrasonic water meters gradually replace them. In order to serve the irrigation purpose, we also develop light-weight ultrasonic water meter. As its name express, it is very light and easy to carry. It is really a powerful tool for precision irrigation flow measurement and you should have one. Please check the following picture:Ultrasonic Irrigation Flow Meter

Except the three main sectors,ultrasonic water meters can be used for fire fighting, HVAC,water distribution,etc.

Why Ultrasonic Water Meters?

The existing water meters are mainly mechanical type water meters or turbine flow meters. The water meters must utilizes moving parts to sense water flow signal. As its using,their accuracy is sharply down and moving parts has a shorter working life. And moving parts are also easily blocked and related maintenance cost is improved.

Later battery powered magnetic flow meters are introduced for water flow measurement,but magnetic flow meter has a higher cost and its high material cot can't be reduced.Then ultrasonic water meter is coming. By now, ultrasonic water meter should be the  most ideal choice to replace existing mechanical water meters. It has many advantages of no moving parts, low flow startup, wide flow range,lower power consumption,lower cost ownership,etc.

Thus, when you want to select digital water meter without moving parts, ultrasonic water meters should be your first consideration.