• No moving part, no wear and tear
  • Compact size structure
  • Long using life
  • Temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure optional
  • Only use 4 nos AA 1.5V batteries or recharging Li-battery for the Max 6 hours working
  • Bluit-in Bluetooth module

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The handheld weather station is developed on the basis of our transit-time ultrasonic wind meters. But except for wind direction and speed, it can be equipped with temperature, humidity and pressure sensors module. The handheld weather station is portable type which can be powered by battery. It has recharging Li-battery or AA battery optional.

Economic Type Handheld Weather Station

The economic type weather station is made with ABS enclosure which features solid and light weight. It has no moving parts and no need to do onsite calibration. With local screen, it can display real-time data which have wind speed, wind direction, temperature, humidity and barometric pressure. Special structure design makes it easy to hold by one hand and only 0.85Kg weight. Built-in Bluetooth module provides wireless communication with APP on mobile phone. Users can receive real-time by mobile phone, which is very suitable for outdoor onsite check of weather.

Typical Application

  • Handheld Meteorological Elements Detection
  • Mobile inspection
  • Electric power safety inspection
  • Test and inspection of ship, dock and sea
  • City environmental monitoring

General Specification

  • Measurement range wind speed: 0-40m/s
  • Measurement range wind direction: 0 - 359°
  • Accuracy of wind speed:±3%
  • Accuracy of wind direction:±3°
  • Resolution of wind speed: 0.1m/s
  • Resolution of wind direction: 1°
  • Power supply:4 nos AA 1.5V Battery/Li-battery 4000mAH
  • Wireless output: Bluetooth,BLE4.0/APP of Mobile Phone
  • Dimension:Φ82×224mm
  • Weight:0.98kg
  • Enclosure material: ABS,Aluminium(anodic oxidation surface)

Optional Function Module:

  • barometric pressure:300 - 1020hPa
  • Atmospheric Temperature:-40℃ - +80℃
  • Atmospheric Humidity:0 - 100%
  • Altitude height:-500m - 9000m


Professional Class Handheld Weather Station

This weather station is professional class portable weather station and it can measure 6 kinds of weather parameters. Meanwhile, by built-in GPS and electronic compass modules, it can test longitude, latitude, altitude, speed, angle of navigation, and direction angle of the North. Its feature is high integration,high accuracy,and quick response time. The whole set only has two parts: sensors parts and display parts. The two parts are wireless communication by Bluetooth.Each parts contain built-in recharging Li-battery. The whole body is smart and small. Built-in SD card can store real-time data. GPRS communication module can provide remote wireless data transmission by mobile network.

General Specification

  • Communication: RS232/GPRS wirelsss
  • Power supply: Built-in Li-battery separately for sensors parts and display parts,Max 10 hours working time
  • Data storing: Built-in SD card
  • Data updating: 1s
  • Enclosure: ABS
  • LCD display: touching function or use mobile phone
  • Dimension: sensor parts:Ø144 * 248mm; Display parts:204*112*38mm
  • Weight: Total weight of two parts about 1.5kgs

Position Parameters

  • Longitude:GPS positioned coordinates
  • Latitude:GPS positioned coordinates
  • Antenna height:Height above average sea level
  • Geographic height: Geoid separation
  • Horizontal accuracy:horizontal longitude factor (0.5~99.9),the smaller the value,the higher the longitude.
  • Moving speed: Speed per unit section or M/h
  • Moving course angle: Angle between north of sensors pars and real north, clockwise direction, Max value 359.9 degrees

Weather Parameters

  • Wind:wind speed measured, range is 0-30m/s
  • Real wind:Wind speed measured -its moving wind speed
  • Wind direction: Wind speed measured,range is 0-359 degrees (no dead angle)
  • Atmospheric temperature: Energy gap temperature element, range is -40 - 80 Deg.C. Resolution:0.1
  • Atmospheric humidity: Capacitive polymer moisture measuring,range is 0-100%. Resolution:0.1
  • Atmospheric pressure: Capacitive MEMS sensors,range is 150 - 1020hPa. Resolution:0.1hPa
  • Rainfall rate gauge: 24GHz radar module,range is 0-10mm/min. Can judge status of rain and snow.Resolution is 0.01mm