Ultrasonic water level sensor is developed on our experienced ultrasonic measurement technology. We have involved with research of ultrasonic sensors and transducers for over decades of years. Our ultrasonic sensors are widely used for flow, level ,distance, inspection, etc.

Ultrasonic water level transmitter is specially made for non-contact water level measurement with high cost-effective solution. It features compact size, integrated type, wholly water-proof sealing design, etc and can be used to replace mechanical level & distance test devices.

Technical Features:

  • High accuracy, small blind area and small angle beam
  • IP65 and IP68 water-proof class
  • Signal output: 0-5Vdc,0-10vdc,4-20mA output, RS485 optional
  • Switch output: Relay, NPN,PNP optional
  • High cost-effective
  • Non-contact level measurement, longer using life
  • Easy to operate and use
  • Automatical tracking environmental temperature and provide real temperature compensation for distance checking
  • Smart echo analysis technology shields invalid interruption; more stable measurement and higher accuracy
  • Set parameters by RS485/RS234 port on computer

For ultrasonic water level meter sensors, typical models mainly include two types: standard type and intensive type. The often used max range of standard type is 10m and intensive type is 5-6m.

Economic Type Specification:

  • Measuring range:10m
  • Blind area:30-60cm decided by different range
  • Beam angle:5-12 Degree decided by different range
  • Accuracy:+/-(0.2%-0.4%) at 25℃, air environment
  • Resolution:1mm
  • Signal output: default 3-wire or 4-wire 4-20mA; RS485 optional
  • Working temperature range: -20 to +60℃
  • Power supply:12-36Vdc
  • Power consumption:1W
  • Protection class: IP67 or IP68
  • Enclosure material: ABS
  • Electric protection: 2KV surge protection for signal port,15KV static electricity protection and 600W lightning protection

Intensive Type Specification:

  • Measuring range:0.1-1m,0.15-1.5m,0.25-3m,0.3-5/6m
  • Beam angle: 2-9 Degree decided by different range
  • Accuracy:+/-(0.1%-0.2%) at 25℃, air environment
  • Resolution:1mm
  • Signal output: 0-5Vdc,0-10vdc,0-20mA,0-10mA,4-20mA,RS485 Modbus, PNP, NPN, Relay optional (only allow one output).
  • Working temperature range: -20 to +60℃
  • Protection class: IP65 or IP67
  • Enclosure material: ABS or metal

Custom Service:
We provide custom service for ultrasonic water level sensor meters, mainly including measurement range, blind area, signal output, etc.