Air bubble detector is important sensor system used in medical application. We utilizes ultrasonic non-contact technology to provide higher performance bubble measurement. It has no moving parts and featured long-term life and reliability,high accuracy,etc.Its installing is very simple and just need to clamp it onto tube. It won't never contact blood or other liquid in tube,thus it has no risk of pollution and leakage.

Ultrasonic bubble detector mainly includes two parts: ultrasonic sensor and electronic. Ultrasonic sensor detects the fluid status and send related signal to electronic and then electronic will calculate to judge whether air bubble is available in the line. After that, corresponding signal will be output.

Working Principle

Ultrasound wave has different characters in different medium.By special circuit processing, ultrasonic bubble sensor can smartly judge the fluid status in closed tube.

Application Range

Suitable for detecting air,foam,bubble in liquid of closed tube. The liquid should be motion flow.  Also suitable for level monitor of air port of Hemodialysis machine.

Air Bubble Detector-UAB-120

Air Bubble Detector-UAB-130

Blood Leak Detector

The blood leak detector utilizes advanced optical electric technology.It provides non-contact bubble detecting in bloodstream of closed tubes. By special optical processing and wiring design, it has an enhanced measurement accuracy and high resolution range.

The blood leak detector has been widely used for blood process devices,cardiopulmonary bypass medical equipment,etc. The typical equipment including:

  • Blood Apheresis Machine
  • Blood Recycling Machine
  • Hemodialysis Machine
  • Blood Component Separator

Main Specification:

  • Power:5Vdc or other power can be made.
  • Ouput: TTL Electric level output.
  • Tube Size(Typical):3.2mm, 4.0mm, 5.0mm, 6.0mm, 8.0mm,etc

Note:Other specification can be made as requirement.