Capacitive water level sensor is manufactured on well-developed capacitive technology and widely used for liquid level measurement. Capacitive liquid level sensors have been widely used for water, fuel oil, etc. As a dedicated manufacturer, we mainly developed non contact level sensor for water measurement and immersed model for fuel oil level gauge.

Capacitive is a kind of electronic technology, which features simple structure, no moving parts, low power consumption for action, quick response, small zero point shifting, big dynamic range, high adaptability, etc. Capacitive liquid level sensors have been used to replace mechanical float switches and electrode level probe.

Working Principle

Capacitive liquid level sensor judges the level position by changing of capacitance. Capacitance volume is decided by area between two polar plates and its middle fluid characters(dielectric constant).
Because liquids and air have different dielectric constant, different height liquids will have different capacitance value in a same container. By calibrating relation between capacitance and level height, their corresponding relationship is built as a curve. This is the basic working principle of capacitive liquid level sensor.

Non Contact Capacitive Water Level Sensor

As its title meaning, non contact capacitive water level sensor provides external clamp on level measurement for non-metal containers and typical container materials have plastic, glass, etc. Such capacitive water level sensors don't need to cut container and don't contact fluid directly, thus, it doesn't pollute the fluid. Meanwhile, it has no moving parts and very small size(comparing with float level switches), the level sensors have been widely used for electric appliance, and mainly have water tank, humidifier, air purifier, baby formula dispenser, coffee machine, medical devices, or other applications where requires non contact level detecting. For the water level sensor, there are several key parameters required as below

Parameters Requirement
1). Container Material
2).Container Wall Thickness
3).DC power supply
4).Container dimension
5).High level or low level monitor or both. For both, it will require 2 piece for a container.

Except container, the capacitive water level sensors are often used to non-metal tube level/ flow detecting.

Insertion Contact Type Capacitive Liquid Level Sensor

Immerse capacitive liquid level sensors can be used to measure level of water, diesel fuel, etc, especially for fuel tank level measurement. Thus, the capacitive level sensors are often used for fuel monitoring and anti-theft of various vehicles. Why the capacitive level sensors are not mainly used for water? The answer is comparing with other type water level sensors, such level sensors have higher price. So we mainly introduce its fuel level measurement, but that doesn't means capacitive level sensors can't measure water and other liquid fluids.

The capacitive fuel level sensors may have a bigger temperature difference from different areas and this is often up while for vehicles. Bigger temperature difference will make the level sensor have bigger error. In order to solve the problem, we develop advanced wholly digital RF layering scanning capacitance technology. The technology solves several key problems and ensure level sensors have high accuracy (±1%F.S).

Our capacitive fuel level sensors can support outputs of 0-5Vdc,4-20mA and RS485. Modbus protocol is optional. In order to meet different requirements, we also develop economic type, standard type, small size type, etc. In a world, if you want fuel level monitoring, our capacitive liquid level sensors will be your ideal choice with cost-effective solution.