We produces several types of flow meters, including electronic digital flow meters and mechanical flow meters. We have created several flow solution for special precision fluid measurement.

For liquid flow measurement, we have the following tpe of flowmeters:

  • Ultrasonic flow meters(clamp on type, insertion type and inline type)
  • Ultrasonic water meters (Battery powered and specially designed)
  • Industrial magnetic flowmmeter
  • Irrigation flow meters
  • Vortex flow meters for liquid
  • Paddle wheel flow meters
  • Turbine flow meters
  • Oval gear flow meter
  • Hall effect flow sensor

Digital Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Developed on time of flight principle, we have been working hard to release ultrasonic flow meters with high cost-effective solution.  Ultrasonic flow meters mainly have 3 kinds of structures: clamp on, insertion and inline type. The ultrasonic flow has been widely used for irrigation, fluid tracking, flow check-up, groundwater test, process control, municipal water management,etc.

Digital Magnetic Flow Meters

Magmeters have been very stable technology and widely used in various of areas: industry, irrigation, mining, medical, chemistry,water resource management, environmental,etc.  Magmeters mainly include inline type and insertion type. Please feel free to contact us for magnetic flow meters with low cost.

Mechanical Flow Meters

Comparing with digital electronic flow meters(e.g. ultrasonic,magnetic,etc), mechanical flow meters mainly have turbine, paddle wheel, oval gear type,etc.  Because mechanical flow unitilizes  moving parts to sense fluid, its performance can't be ensured for long-term like electronic flow meters. Thus, for regular application, recommend to select digital flow as priority choice. Of course, for several niche application, mechnical flow meters are still ideal choice.