Flow Switch Function
Flow switch is used to monitor fluid flow rate in closed pipe and then provide switch ON/OFF output as set point. When flow rate is higher or lower than set point, water flow switch will transmit switch or alarm signal to control system. Control system can do corresponding action to control water flow accordingly.

The real-time flow rate is a deciding factor to send related command. When flow rate is over upper limit or lower limit, flow rate will product switch signal to make system close or open. So flow switch must have switch ON/off output, or similar signal output.

Flow Switch Types
In the past, water flow switches mainly have paddle flow switch, magnetic flow switch, inline flow switch, vane flow switch, etc. They belong to mechanical flow switch. Then new electronic digital flow switches are releasing and mainly includes thermal dispersion flow switch and ultrasonic flow switch. Our flow switches have been used for water pump, boiler, sprinkler, shower, water heater, air conditioning etc.

Electronic flow switch has no moving parts, thus it features long life, long-term stable performance,ultra low maintenance, etc. We mainly provide thermal flow switch for water, oil and gas.(a link). Of course, if require high class electronic flow switch, you may consider our ultrasonic flow switch and its price is a little higher than thermal type.

As different fluid, flow switches can be used for liquid and air/gas. The liquid contain chiller water, hot water, air, oil, etc.

As material, flow switches are made of PVC,PTFE,POM, brass and stainless steel. POM and stainless steel can be used for food grade, especially POM inline flow switch can meet FDA standard. PTFE flow switch with PVC body can be used for pool, SPA, sea water, etc. PTFE flow switch can be used for chemical and anti-corrosive.

As installing way, there are three kinds: inline, insertion and clamp on. Clamp on way is only available with ultrasonic flow switch.


The flow switch that we can make as below:

  • Paddle Type Flow Switch
  • Inline Magnetic Flow Switch
  • Piston Type Flow Switch
  • Shuttle Type Flow Switches
  • Fire Sprinkler flow switch
  • Thermal flow switch
  • Ultrasonic flow switch

Our flow switches have been used as below:

  • Boiler flow switch (Water Provide,e.g. gas boiler)
  • Oil flow switch
  • gas flow switch
  • Air flow switch
  • Water pump switch
  • Shower flow switch
  • Pool flow switch
  • Chill/hot water flow switch
  • Potable drinking Water

As a professional manufacturer,we always pursuit to provide good performance product with high cost-effect solution. If you have any special requirement,please feel free to contact us.