• Digital ultrasonic electronic flow measurement without moving parts
  • No need to stop flow while installing under <0.8MPa
  • Wide flow range
  • Low flow startup
  • High cost-effective for bigger pipe size
  • Patented Hot-tap installing tools optional
  • Light weight for small international shipping fee
  • Customizing service available
  • Pipe size>=DN50mm
  • Versatile signal outputs

Ultrasonic insertion flow meter is developed on our proving time of difference technology. It provides accurate electronic flow measurement for liquid. With no moving parts, the insertion flow meters have reliable performance and long life.

Our insertion flow meters can be used for pipe size over DN50mm. It has a high cost-effective solution for bigger pipe size. There is no limit for pipe material, even though cement/concrete pipe.

Ultrasonic flow meter is famous for its clamp on feature, but in fact, its insertion type are widely used. We have manufactured insertion ultrasonic flow meters for many years. There are plenty of insertion types used in world.

The insertion type can bear Max.150 Deg.C. and 2.5MPa, which can meet most of application. With our patent hot-tap tools, the insertion flow meters can be installed without flow stop under 0.8MPa. No flow stop won't pause your normal manufacturing or life.

We provide versatile outputs and communication to our ultrasonic flow meters. It mainly contains 4-20mA, OCT pulse, relay, big capacity data logger, RS485 and M-bus, Modbus. Modbus is a kind of popular industrial communication protocol. With Modbus, users can easily make network and monitor related instruments by controlling room.

Technical Features:

  • Good accuracy
  • No limit of pipe material
  • Low sensitivity to startup flow
  • Wide flow range
  • No moving parts and long life
  • Max temperature of 150 Deg.C.
  • Hot-tap installing optional, no need to stop flow
  • Low price and good performance
  • Versatile outputs and protocols
  • Battery powered optional

Main Specifications:

  • Accuracy: better than +/-1%
  • Pipe size: DN65-DN4500
  • Velocity range: 0-10m/s
  • Max temperature: 0-150 Deg.C.
  • Max working pressure: 2.5MPa
  • Power supply: 8-36Vdc; 90-250Vac; battery power. (Decided by different converter)
  • Protection class: IP65. IP68 optional
  • Outputs: 0-20mA,4-20mA,OCT,Relay, RS485
  • Communication protocol: Modbus;M-bus

Installing way
Insertion flow transducers have two kinds of welding bases: carbon steel and stainless steel.
If pipe material can be welded, please select either while order as pipe material, e.g. stainless steel pipe, please select base.

If pipe material is plastic, cement, etc, it will require fixing strap. We can supply it as pipe information. Of course, users can make it in your local market.

Insertion Transducers Type

External powered:

Standard insertion: DN65-DN4500mm
Long insertion for cement/concrete pipe: DN65-DN4500mm

Battery powered:

Bigger insertion:Below DN800mm
Ultra-big insertion: Over DN800mm

Note: We also provide customizing for insertion flow transducers,e.g. insertion length,etc.

Why Ultrasonic Insertion Flow Meter

There are several kinds of insertion flow meters in market and mainly have magnetic, thermal mass, vortex and mechanical type(e.g. paddle wheel, turbine, etc). So you may be questioned why select ultrasonic insertion flow meters. The following are some simple explanations:

1.Firstly, mechanical type shouldn't be your priority consideration. Because mechanical type has moving parts, it may be blocked or worn down after using. Then its accuracy will become lower. Its life is shorter.

2. Insertion thermal mass are mainly used for gas. It is not experienced in liquid flow measurement. Meanwhile, its price is a little higher.

3.Insertion vortex are mainly used for gas, too. Though it can be used for liquid, it is easily influenced by environmental condition, e.g. big vibration.

4.Insertion magnetic flow are the main selling. But its accuracy is not so good like inline magnetic flow meters. However ,ultrasonic insertion flow meters have a good accuracy.