The 3-in-1 soil sensor is developed on our latest technology and can measure soil EC conductivity, soil moisture and soil temperature. The sensor can be used in different soil types, including high saline alkali soil. Meanwhile, as internet of things development and requirement of smart agriculture, the low power consumption soil sensors have been widely required. In order to meet requirement, we specially release low power model which can work normally by 3.6V li-ion battery.  When battery powered, the soil sensor can output 3-way 0-2V signal for EC, moisture and temperature. RS485/UART communication under battery powred can be specially made.


The volume water content in the soil is a fixed function of the dielectric constant of the soil. Soil salt content, soil moisture, and soil conductivity form a functional relationship. The dielectric constant can be measured at high frequency and the conductivity parameters can be measured at low frequency. Then plus temperature parameter, combined with a large number of experimental data,can  find out the law of interaction between various parameters and complete the compensation operationAfter AD conversion, single chip microcomputer operation processing, nonlinear correction and DA conversion output, the linear voltage (current) output with soil moisture temperature conductivity can be obtained.The sensor adopts imported high-quality industrial grade single chip microcomputer and components, with high precision, good reliability, durability, good repeatability and high cost performance.


Suitable for scientific experiment, water-saving irrigation, greenhouse, flowers and vegetables, grassland and pasture, soil rapid measurement, plant culture, sewage treatment and water content measurement of various mineral particles.


  • 3 parameters measurement, moisture, temperature and EC in one.
  • Vacuum packaging, good seal, IP68 protection class, completely prevent invasion of water from any direction, and can be immersed in water for a long time.
  • Multiple anti-misconnection protection available for power wire, ground wire and signal wire
  • Multiple kinds of compensation, including temperature drift compensation, moisture compensation and conductivity compensation
  • Adopt high-quality stainless steel probe and can withstand long-term electrolysis and more resistant to corrosion of acit,alkali and salt in soil
  • Less affected by soil salt content, suitable for moisture measurement of various kinds of soil, especially for moisture tester of saline alkali land.
  • Both sides have concave convex structure, easy to hold, beautiful and durable. Packaged with anti-static pearl cotton for safer transportation

Main Parameters:

  • Power supply: 2-5VDC(Battery power); 5-24VDC (Select one)
  • Static current: average <10mA; peak<30mA
  • Response time: < 1S
  • Measurement of stabilization time: <2S
  • Protection class: IP68
  • Working temperature range: -40 -+85
  • Measurement area: Centered on the central probe, the area diameter is cylinder with diameter of 7cm and height of 10cm


Measurement range:




Interchange accuracy:

Retest error:

Power-on response time:

Stabilization time:





























1). The default low pow version supports 3-way 0-2V output.

2). If require low power with RS485 or UART, it will require special making.