The Modbus data logger is developed on industrial class platform and featured with stable, reliable, cost-effective, easy to use, etc. It can be used to store data from MODBUS-RTU devices. With RS485, RS232(2-Pin) and TTL port, the product can be convenient to connect with other standard Modbus-RTU devices.
The Modbus-RTU data logger can work as Modbus Master or Modbus Slave. While worked as MODBUS Master, it will inquire as setting interval time. While used as MODBUS Slave, the logger can receive data of registers written by Master. Data of registers can be stored into U Disk or TF card, and file format is CSV which can be open by EXCEL.
The product has been our new generation product and introduced with display window and local keys. By such combination, users can do related operation easily and conveniently. Unlike other competitors, their product will have to use commands or software to set.
With auto time-stamped function, the Modbus-RTU data logger can be used for many unmanned projects, e.g. agricultural research, food, medicine, chemistry, weather, environmental protection, lab, electronic, navigation, mapping, etc.


  • Built-in FAT16 AND FAT32 file system, and support Max 32G U Disk or TF card
  • Standard MODBUS RTU protocol, can work as Master or Slave
  • While as Master, can record Max 50 registers of 1 Slave
  • While as Slave device, allow master to write 1 register (Function code 06) and batch writing registers(Function code 16).
  • Display window used for parameters setting
  • Automatically create CSV file as date
  • Data is automatically converted to the specified format.
  • Auto RTC(Time-stamped) function
  • Standard 35mm DIN-RAIL mounting
  • Support RS485, RS232(2-Pin) and TTL port
  • Baud rate can be selected from 2400-11520
  • Automatically recognize U disk or TF card. If insert both at the same time, TF has the priority to be read. In order to ensure stable and reliable, adopt multi-layer designs, e.g. watch dog, prevention of reverse-connection, interference, over-voltage, over-current, etc.

Main Specifications:

  • Power Supply: 7-24VDC
  • Working Current:<50mA
  • Baud Rate Range: 2400-115200bps
  • Hardware Data Port: RS485,TTL, RS232(2-Pin)
  • Storing Memory Card: U Disk Or TF Card
  • Max Memory: 32G
  • Communication Protocol: MODBUS-RTU
  • Support function code: 03;06;16
  • Display Window: LCD (2 Lines)
  • Setting Way: By local keys
  • Working Temperature: -20 to 85 ℃


  • The Modbus data logger can’t store data based on float point. If you have related requirement, it will require special making.
  • Default data storing file is CSV format. It can be open by EXCEL on computer.