The ultrasonic oxygen sensor is used for oxygen concentration level test and flow rate monitor. Based our strong power in ultrasonic technology,our oxygen concentration sensor has been widely used for PSA type oxygen generator. The oxygenerator can make oxygen by molecular sieve,and this method is physical process. Unlike chemistry method, it doesn’t produce pollution or bad material.Thus, PSA oxygen technology is the main method and used by most of suppliers.

Oxygen concentration is a very key factor for oxygen breathing and oxygen therapy. If oxygen concentration is not well adjusted, it won’t bring healthy,instead, it will cause harmful to people body. Thus, a hard rule has been done to add oxygen level monitor to oxygen concentrator. In the past, oxygen cell was used to monitor oxygen concentration,but oxygen cell is a kind of consuming method.Its life would become short as its using and meanwhile,its accuracy may be degraded.

Thus, we decide to develop oxygen concentration sensor on advanced ultrasonic testing technology. Ultrasonic type has a longer life and have a better performance. Meanwhile, ultrasonic type sensor can measure flow,temperature,pressure,as requirement.

Typical Application

  • PSA type oxygen making machine,e.g. Oxygen concentrator, Portable oxygen generator
  • Existing type oxygen machine without concentration monitor function
  • Gas analyzer
  • Concentration checking of mixed air

Technical Features:

  • Compact size and simple to use
  • Low cost digital solution
  • Digital serial port
  • Good performance
  • No moving parts and longer life
  • No maintenance,no consuming

 Ultrasonic Oxygen Concentration Meter Sensor


The oxygen sensor is only used to test oxygen concentration and has a smaller body and lower price. Comparing with other type, this one has a small size and lower cost. If you don’t require flow function and accept serial port TTL output, this is your better choice.

  • Concentration range:20.8%-92.0%(O2/N2 Dry mixed gas)
  • Resolution: 0.1% (O2)
  • Accuracy: +/-2%
  • Repeability: less than +/-1% FS
  • Room temperature: 5-45 Deg.C.
  • T90 response time: less than 20 second.( Sampling  flow rate less than 1L/min)
  • Pressure of sampling: 0-20KPa
  • Temperature of sampling: +/-5 Deg.C.
  • Power: DC5V+/-0.5V (less than 0.1W)
  • Currency: less than 30mA
  • Output: Serial port(TTL): 19200-8-1-None. This output is specially suitable for MCU. Such design is widely used in oxygen generator device.
  • Connect port: 2.54mm 4P


The oxygen sensor can be communicated by TTL serial port and for related communication protocol,please feel free to contact us.

Ultrasonic Oxygen Flow/Concentration Meter Sensor


UOCF-200 can measure flow and concentration.In order to get stable flow,its size is bigger than UOC-202. If select LCD display module,it also has a LED output function which can indicate O2 concentration range.

Technical Specification:

  • Concentration range:20.5%-95.0%; Resolution:0.1%; Accuracy: +/-2%FS@(5-50.C.)
  • Flow range:0.0-10.0L/min;Resolution: 0.1L/min; Accuracy: +/-0.3 L/min @(20+/-3.C.)
  • Oxygen measurement condition: O2/N2 binary,other should be less than 1%
  • Checking period:1.5s
  • Digital output: 9600bps TTL( UART)
  • Analog output: 0-2.5V (Otional)
  • Working temperature:5-55.C.
  • Relative humidity:5-85%
  • Max pressure: 150KPa
  • Power supply: DC12V; Average current:7mA; peak current:4mA
  • Dimension: 125x30x20mm(LxWxH)
  • Net weight: 23g
  • LED indication function:
    Green: O2 concentration>82%;
    Yellow: O2 concentration>50%;
    Red: O2 concentration>50%;
  • Other outputs can be made as requirement: RS232,RS485,4-20mA,0-5V,0-10V.

Portable Oxygen Concentration Meter Sensor

                                                                                                                                                                 (White One)

Based on our ultrasonic technology, we have developed portable oxygen concentration meter which can be used to test O2 concentration,flow and pressure of PSA O2 generator and oxygen concentrator. The portable unit has been widely in home and medical. It is powered by battery.It is an ideal tool for oxygen flow/concentration check and comparison.

Technical Specification:

  • Concentration range:40%-96.0%
  • Flow range:0.0-10.0L/min
  • Pressure range: 0-100Kpa
  • Net weight: 300g
  • Oxygen measurement condition: O2/N2 binary,other should be less than 1%

Ultrasonic Ozone O3 Flow/Concentration Sensor UOC-203  
We have developed ozone flow/concentration sensor.If you have such requirement, please contact us.

Value-added to Your Oxygen Generator/Oxygen Concentrator
Our ultrasonic oxygen concentration meters have been widely used for PSA type O2 generator machine and portable oxygen concentrator. The default output is TTL (UART) digital output. We can also provide related controlling PCB if you have requirement. That can save you cost and make it easy to assemble the whole oxygen generator machine. If your existing oxygen machine is analog output,e.g.voltage,4-20mA,etc, we can make it as requirement.

With our oxygen concentration sensors, you can gain benefits as below:

  • O2 concentration indication to make O2 breathing properly.
  • Flow test function can reduce an variable area flow meter. This can reduce your material cost.
  • Flow accuracy of O2 sensors is higher than variable area flow meter.
  • Compact size design,more suitable for portable oxygen generator or reduce your machine size. After all,space in car or house is always crowded.
  • Can also readout value of pressure or temperature.
  • Longer using life than variable area flow meter or chemistry type O2 concentration sensors.
  • Improving your product value with advance ultrasonic technology


If you just require oxygen flow measurement,please visit page of Oxygen Flow Meters.