• No moving parts,longer working life
  • Analog voltage output, I2C output optional
  • High accuracy,wide range,economic solution
  • Adopt the latest version MEMS thermo-dynamics technology
  • No need to pressure/temperature compensation
  • Bi-direction O2 flow measurement optional for inhaling&exhaling
  • Anti-condensation model optional
  • Standard tube connection port

The micro oxygen flow sensor is designed on thermo-dynamics and provide flow measurement for gas tube. It is featured with good accuracy and repeating.  The micro flow sensor is built in with temperature sensor and each piece of flow sensor is adopted with temperature compensation calibration. Meanwhile, the flow sensor has linearity analog voltage output and conveninent to use.

The oxygen flow sensor has specially for accurate measurement of various medical gas,and the typical is oxygen. The micro sensor is suitable for clean gas and it features low cost, easy to install, no need pressure and temperature compensation and is ideal to replace traditional mechanical flow meters(e.g.displacement,turbine,differential pressure flow meter,etc).  With Max flow range of 500SLPM, the series of oxygen flow sensors have been widely used for ventilators,anesthesia machines,etc.

This model can have single and bi-direction flow measurement optional. Bi-direction flow model can measure bi-direction O2 flow for inhaling and exhaling. Meanwhile, this model can support certain level of anti-condensation.

Main Parameters

  • Power Supply:8-24VDC
  • Humidity range:0-100%RH
  • Flow range:10-500SLM
  • Accuracy:1.5%.F.S.
  • Response time: 20s
  • Resolution:0.1
  • Load: 100 KΩ
  • Output: Analog voltage 1-5VDC; (I2C optional)
  • Working temperature: -25 to 85 Deg.C.
  • Storing temperature: -40 to 90 Deg.C.
  • Shock resistance: 100g

Data Sheet



  • This model supports bi-direction version optional. Default is single direction flow measurement.
  • Range can be customized between 10 SLM and 500 SLM.
  • SLM: Standard liter per minute.
  • Test condition: 1 atmosphere and 0℃.
  • 5V power can be specially made for certain application.
  • Have been widely used to replace AWM-720 flow sensor or other similar oxygen flow sensors.

Flow Sensor is an Key Component to Ventilator

Ventilator is consisted of hardware and software, including pressure drive systems, patient circuits, filters and valves,and key components mainly include flow sensors, chips, sound ring motors, turbine fans, etc. In order to maintain continuous breathing, ventilator needs to control airflow, pressure and humidity in real time, continuously, and accurately. Thus,ventilators have been fitted with multiple sensors, and gas flow sensors are widely used for Mid-to-high-grade ventilators.

As important component of ventilator,flow sensor is responsible for converting the flow of inhaled and exhaled gas into electrical signals. Then electrical signal is further processed to build function for Inhalation and exhalation of moisture, minute ventilation, detection and display of flow rate to control.Thus,performance of flow sensor will directly affect accuracy and reliability of ventilator.