As technology development and people life level improved, more and more electric appliances and intelligent devices requires compact liquid or water level sensor to control function. Meanwhile, the living space in cities become more and more expensive, thus, reducing product size becomes more and more necessary. Based on such requirement, we develop small float switch, mini float switch and ultra miniature level sensor.

Mini float switch is featured with small size, light weight, simple structure and principle, vertical or side mounted installing, etc. Our mini float switches have been widely used in water dispenser, food machinery, water treatment, cleaning machine, hydraulic machine, inkjet machine, shipbuilding, papermaking, printing, power generation equipment, dyes and other industries.

PP Plastic Mini Float Switch

The mini float switch is made on polypropylene material and thread connection is M8 size. Its core part-reed switch is utilized with the first-class quality product which can ensure 1,000,000 times ON/OFF operation. As we know, many companies use weak quality reed switches which will reduce the using life of mini float switches and improving future replacement cost. The float switch has been widely used for water, UV ink, food industries, beverage, etc.

Technical Specification:

  • Max Contact Rating: 10W or 50W optional
  • Max Load Current: 1.0A
  • Max Switch Current:0.5A
  • Max Switch Voltage:100Vdc
  • Max Breakdown Voltage:220Vdc
  • Max Contact Resistor: 100ohm
  • Working Temperature Range:-10 to +85
  • Float Ball Material: PP
  • Float Body Material: PP


There are mainly 2 models of PP plastic mini float switches. The detailed Dimension are listed as below:

  • Stem Length:25mm, Stem Diameter:7mm,Thread Size:M18X1.25 Max Rating:10W
  • Stem Length:31mm, Stem Diameter:7mm,Thread Size:M18X1.25 Max Rating:10W or 50W

Note: Though many companies also indicate their product title as Mini Float Switch, but their dimension may be 31mm of stem length, not our 25mm.

Stainless Steel Small Float Switch for Water,Oil,Fuel

Comparing with PP plastic mini float switch, stainless steel mini float switch is more rugged and can bear higher temperature and pressure. It can be used for harsh environment that plastic float switch.

The float ball is wholly 304 stainless steel, snap ring is 316L,reed switch is first-class item . The float switch can used for water tank, water pool, fish tank, etc. It can be used for medical application. The mini float switch can be used for level controlling or alarm for upper/down level limiting. The contact point is very sensitive.

Technical Specification:

  • Installing Way: Vertical
  • Max. Switching Rating:10W/50W. 70W(special making)
  • Max Switching Voltage:240Vac/200Vdc
  • Max Switching Current: 0.5A
  • Water Pressure Resistance: 0.98MPa(not water leakage)
  • Temperature:--10 to 120℃(-40 to 180℃ special order)
  • Stem length L: 45mm


Float switch can't directly control solenoid valve and other big power equipment, e.g. high power relay and AC contactor, etc. It requires small relay(e.g.HH54P) to transit.

Warm Tip:
As technology development, many products try to reduce its body size and make their product smart and mini. This provides a huge requirement for miniature level sensor and level switch. However, limited by its technology, float switch can't meet such requirement. Thus, we have developed and released advanced optical water level sensor and non contact water level sensors. If you require system integration or developing new project, both of them will be ideal choice to replace mini float switch. Please check the following 2 items:

Small Mini Float Valve for Water

The small mini float valve is made on food grade material and belongs to strong plugging float valve. It is developed from our core patented technology with high sensitivity. It supports vertical installing and side mounting.  Its thread connection port is 1/4". It has 2 kind of sizes. The main difference for the 2 sizes is ball size,and others are the same. Bigger ball size has a length of 60.5mm(A), and smaller ball is 45.5mm.(A)

The small water float valve can be used to control high/low water level. It has good function of environment-protection, not rusty,not producing halogen,weak acid and weak alkali resistant,etc. If require function of high temperature over 70℃ or strong acid and alkali resistant, please feel free to contact us for special making. Our small mini float valves have been widely used in many industries,mainly including cold fan, water tank, water tower, cooling tower, ice maker, humidifier, water purifier and various of environmental protection equipment,animal husbandry equipment,etc.

Main Specification:

  • Connection thread size: 1/4" (Other sizes are available)
  • Float ball material: PP
  • Valve core material: NR
  • Water pressure range:0.01-1.0MPa
  • Water temperature range:0-70-100℃