The soil moisture sensor is a kind of high accuracy and high sensitivity measurement device with function to test soil temperature and soil humidity.  The method to test soil humidity utilizes FDR principle, after getting soil humidity, relative soin moisture with soil water content will be calculated.  This method is a measurement way of international standard. The method to test soil temperature utilizes high accuracy digital temperature chip. The transmitter has built-in functions of signal gathering, temperature compensation,etc. The soild moisture sensor can be used for weather, envrionment, agriculture, forest, power, water conservancy,etc where require to measure soil humidity.


  • Temperature compensation available
  • Reliable performance, not easily affected by soil EC value, can be suitable for various of soils.
  • Small size body,easy to carry.
  • High cost-effective solution
  • Convenient to install, operate and maintenance
  • Good sealing, corrosion resisting, can be buired under water for long-term using
  • Stainless steel soil moisture probe can ensure long using life
  • Protection function of reverse power connection, power wire, earth wire and signal wire are protected. Short-circuit or reverse connection not damage the sensor.
  • High accuracy, quick reponse and good Interchangeability


  • Power supply:5-24VDC
  • Measurement range:0~99.999%
  • Accuracy:±3%
  • Signal output: 0-2V or RS485 MODBUS,4-20mA(12-24VDC power)
  • Measurement stable time:2S
  • Reponse time: <1S
  • Measurement Frequency: 100MHz
  • Working currency:25-35mA, typical 28mA(Voltage output)
  • Communication protocol:MODBUS
  • Porbe length:55mm;  Probe diameter: 3mm
  • Probe material:stainless steel
  • Cable length:2.5m

Order model:
1).Single Humidity/moisture with RS485:
2).Single Humidity/moisture with 4-20mA:
3).Single Humidity/moisture with 0-2V:
4).Temperature +Humidity/moisutre with RS485
5).Temperature +Humidity/moisutre with 4-20mA
6).Temperature +Humidity/moisutre with 0-2V

Note: This series is standard power and the Min power supply 5VDC. If require lower power for battery power(e.g.2-3.3V), please feel free to contact.