Why is Soil PH Vavlue Important on Plant?

Various kinds of plants have their own suitable pH value. For most of plants,the proper growth PH value is about 7.0. If PH>9.0 or <2.5, most of plants may not live healthily. During actual operation, should pay much attention for PH value, then cope with it accordingly by scientific and proper method. It will be very importnt to monitor online soil PH value at real time.

Why Release New Soil PH Sensor tester?

In the past, traditional soil PH tester meter was very complicated to operate, and it require to be equipped with very professional display instruments, and calibration is very comlicated. Meanwhile, the power consumption is bigger and price is very high. The weight is bigger and not not easy to carry or install.

Thus, in order to problems above, we develop and release new type soil PH sensor tester. The new sensor has a compact design, higher accuracy, low power consumption,light-weight and easy to carry. The sensor can output 0-2v or 4-20mA or RS485 MODBUS.

                                       Soil PH Sensor Tester

(Standard Model, ABS Enclosure)

The soil PH sensor borrows the design theory from water PH sensor, which has been very stable performance in market. But some key parts are specially developed for soil application.


  • Adopt international advanced solid status dielectric material with large area PTFE liquid.
  • Adopt new type special sold PH sensor for real-time online soil PH monitor
  • High accuracy, quick response, good interchangeability and reliable performance
  • Strong sealing, high integration,small size, low power consumption, easy to carry and can be used at ourdoor
  • Well-established protection circuit and various kinds of signal outputs optional


  • Power supply:4-28VDC(Default); 3.3-15VDC(Optional)
  • Signal output; 0-2V;RS485(Modbus);  4-20mA(12V-28VDC Power)
  • Output load: 0-2V(Output impedance:0 ohm); 4-20mA(Load resistor<500 ohm)
  • Static power consumption: 6mA@24VDC(0-2V or RS485); 30mA@24VDC
  • Measurement range: PH:0-14PH; Temperature:-40-+80℃;
  • Accuracy:±0.1PH     Temperature:±0.5℃
  • Resolution: PH:0.01PH; Temperature:0.1
  • Protection class: IP65
  • Working temperature:-40 -+85℃
  • Cable Length: Processor cable: 2m; PH probe: 5m;  Longer cable can be made as requirement.

Note: Customized service available for SDI-12 or other signal output.

Accurate Soil PH Sensor Tester

The soil ph sensor is make with stainless steel enclosure and featured with compact size, higher accuracy, more durable, easy to install,etc. The soil sensor can output RS485 and 4-20mA at the same.


  • Leading class magnetic isolation technology and anti polarization technology ensures strong anti-interference, no need transmitter.
  • Can measure soil PH value and soil temperature value
  • 4-20mA and RS485 can work at the same time
  • High sensitive high accuracy electrode design with low resistance anti-sensitive glass film
  • Easy to insert into soild,, no easy to loose, and can ensure the accuracy
  • Small size body,quick responset time, long working life
  • Accurate measurement, good water-proof, long distance communication, suitable for various of soils
  • Working principle is Electrochemistry


  • Power supply:7-28VDC
  • Power consumption:<0.2W
  • Measurement range:0-14PH
  • Accuracy:±(0.03-0.05)PH
  • Signal output: 4-20mA and RS485 at same time
  • Communication protocol: MODBUS
  • Resolution:<=0.01PH
  • Response time:10 seconds(Soil moisture>20%-30%)
  • Protection class:IP68
  • Temperature compensation:  Yes,available
  • Environment temperature: 0-80℃, high temperature can be made.
  • Cable length:5m; Longer cable can be made
  • Probe material: 304 stainless steel