Ultrasonic flow sensors are developed to provide digital flow measurement without moving parts. The flow meter sensors mainly have three types: clamp on, insertion and inline. Comparing with other type flow sensors, ultrasonic flow sensors have many unique advantages, e.g. high accuracy, wide flow, no moving parts, longer life, compact size, high sensitivity to low flow, etc. In many case, clamp on flow sensors are almost the sole choice for special application. For example, many clients don’t want to damage pipe. Also it is easier to develop ultrasonic flow sensor with low power consumption. This feature ensures battery power can work well for ultrasonic flow sensors, and widely used as ultrasonic water meters.

The core part of ultrasonic flow sensor is piezoelectric ceramic disc. The main frequency is 1MHz. Meanwhile, 2MHz and 500KHZ is also used in some applications. Of course, except piezoelectric ceramic, other parts are also very important. We have involved with ultrasonic products for decades of years and have accumulated precious experience and key know-how. This can ensure our ultrasonic flow sensors have stable performance, long life, higher accuracy, etc.

We supply full ranges of ultrasonic sensors for ultrasonic flow meters, ultrasonic water meters and ultrasonic heat meters. Our flow sensors are well sold in many countries and areas, especially transit-time ultrasonic flow sensors. The clamp on/insertion flow sensors has Max temperature of 160 Deg.C. and 180 Deg.C. (part of models) and can meet most of application. Inline flow sensors have more detailed temperature range of 30,50,70,90 Deg.C. And higher temperature can be specially made.

Many users have a question whether only ultrasonic flow sensor¬†can work well without electronic converter. The answer is simple, that is NO. Ultrasonic flow is a kind of advanced micro-electronic technology. If no electronic unit to do further signal processing and calculation, users can’t get readable value. So even though you search ultrasonic flow sensors, you may find that electronic and ultrasonic flow sensors are encapsulated within one body.

Some users search ultrasonic flow sensors that’s because they want a simple flow function with lower price. If this is right, you can be sure that you come to the right place. We have developed ultrasonic flow meters for many years and have been working hard to reduce the cost of ultrasonic flow meters. Our whole set price is much lower than ultrasonic flow sensors from other countries. Though our price is lower, our technology is still good.

Meanwhile, for distributors, we also provide customizing OEM service. The service contains protection film, flow sensors, enclosure, software, manual printing, etc. By our unique and strong OEM service, you will get ultrasonic flow devices with your style. This will help to protect your market and improve your sales and your brand value. If you have such requirement, please feel free to contact us.