The water level meter indicator provides accurate water level measurement for wells, lake, river, standpipes, foundation pit, etc. It has been widely used in water conservancy and hydro-power Engineering, tunnel engineering, bridge engineering, tailing pit and foundation pit project. The water level indicator has been our 2nd generation products and very popular in the market.

The water level indicator is mainly consisted of special coated steel tape, steel sensor, carrying reel and signal receiver indication. Steel tape and Cable is coated together by special plastic cover, and this processing makes it easy to operate and read. The steel sensor has a built-in water resistor contacting pointer, while contact water, it will produce sensing signal to the system. When leave water level, the indicator will close receiving system. Carrying reel is ABS engineer plastic or stainless steel. The default is ABS material. The beeper, LED and battery are installed inside the chamber of reel. Signal receiver indication includes LED and beeper.

Technical Features:

  • LED and beeper provide double confirmation indication for water level contacting.
  • Dial for battery power indication
  • Cost-effective solution for big depth
  • Solid ABS or steel reel provides long-term life and can be used for years.
  • Light weight and easy to move for portable test purpose
  • Updated steel tape processed by special plastic coating for rust-proof
  • No big requirement for external power and only 9V battery for signal indication. It is ideal for remote application where no external power source.

Technical Specification:

  • Measurement range:0-500m
  • Resolution: 1mm
  • Accuracy:=(+/-2mm)
  • Liquid temperature: -20C-+60C
  • Signal indication: LED, Beeper
  • Liquid: water or weak alkaline liquid
  • Battery for signal indication: 9V(6FF22)dry cell
  • Color: red(default).Other colors, e.g. blue, yellow, orange, etc can be made as requirement.
  • Carrying reel: ABS or steel. Default is ABS.
  • Packaging: Carton

Measurement Operation
Firstly, let reel rotate freely, then press button to power ON, and then hold steel tape and make steel sensor to be down slowly. When sensor pointer contact water level, the signal receiving system will force the beeper to produce continuous beep sound, then read the depth value of steel tap in well, and the value is distance between water level and well exit.

  • When sensor pointer contacts water level, beeper will produce sound and LED is light. Under this time, please slowly put steel tap down so that to find exact position point that beep sound and LED is up. Then can read the depth value between this point and hole exit.
  • The value accuracy is decided by a timely judge of start position when beeper or LED works. The accuracy is decided by operator, so users should do more practice repeatedly.

After Measurement:
When measurement is done, user should do the following points to do maintenance work so that the water level meters have a longer life and a better condition.

  • Not allow to bend steel tape & cable, especially the close section to sensor part.
  • Clean sensor and steep tape after measurement. Wrap tape to the reel properly and then place the level indicator to cabinet.
  • Decided by limiting battery capacity. Please power Off quickly once test is done. When indication LED is gloomy and beep sound is weak or no any indication, please replace new 9V battery.

The product picture on the head is water level meter with ABS carrying reel. They are our updated version with battery voltage dial. In order for long-term solid using, we also supply steel carrying reel optional. If you need steel reel, please indicate.


The product at right side is older version water level indicator. You may easily find it has no battery voltage dial. Out of cautious and professional thought, we don't recommend this model.But you may find there are a lot of them(or similar item,,orange,yellow,black,white) which are still on sale by different resellers.