Traditional three cup wind speed sensor is usually black color and later white and silver color are also utilized,but the colors still can't meet the requirement for more colors. Except requirement of wind speed measurement, many projects also request that the wind sensor has different color,e.g.golden yellow color, red, green, purple,etc. In order to meet the requirement, we provide customization for wind speed sensors.

The three cup wind speed sensor is made of enhanced wholly aluminium alloy and machined by precision CNC working and precision mould.Customization for multi-colors and processed by anodic oxidation. Unlike other manufacturer, they uses paint to coat wind sensor, and not durable.

The colored wind speed sensor utilizes chip sensor to detect wind speed, but not used small power DC motor, thus it is higher sensitivity and higher accuracy. The wind sensor can supports analog signal output of 0-5V,4-20mA and communication of RS485 Modbus. The wind speed sensors have been widely used for crane, industry, agriculture, construction,etc.

Features of 3-Cup Components

  • Special aluminum alloy material, direct stamping processing, precision size
  • Good consistency, and stable rotation after dynamic and static balance test
  • Relative plastic material has higher strength,strong wind resistance, longer working life
  • Central rotating hole and another 3 fixing holes have better impact resistance.

Main Parameters

  • Power supply:12-24V(Default); 5V
  • Wind speed range:0-60m/s
  • Accuracy: 0.1m/s
  • Working environment temperature: -40- +50
  • Working environment humidity:5-100%RH
  • Signal output: 0-5V/4-20mA(12-24vdc power)
  • Communication: RS485(Modbus) (5vdc power)
  • Protection class: IP65

About Anodic Oxidation

When used at outdoor, after anodizing, a protective film is formed on the surface of aluminum. This will enhance the corrosion resistance, make it not easy to oxidize and corrosion, and prolong the service life.

Due to processing technology problems, when anodic oxidation is made on wind sensor, There will be non coloring defects at the riveting joint between the support and the air bowl, but the oxide layer has been attached, so it will not affect the corrosion resistance of the product itself.After all, industrial products are not handicrafts, so be informed!

2 Kinds of Size Optional

Diameter of Bigger Size: 200mm;    Diameter of Smaller Size: 120mm

More Colors