• Low cost,no moving part,no blocking,longer life
  • Not influence by light, color, container and floating ball material
  • Accurate&high sensitivity to test liquid level
  • Flexible and easy installing, support installing of vertical,horizontal or Inclined installing
  • No float ball,no reed switch,no mechanical action,no rusty
  • Widely for dirty liquids,e.g. wastewater, slurry,kitchen grease oil,eptic sewage,etc.

The electronic submersible  level  switch is developed on the principle of capacitive induction technology.In the past, bacause of high cost-effective, mechanical float switches and electrode probes are widely selected to minitor water level in common projects. However, both of them have many vital problems,e.g. unstable, easily blocking, rusty, shorter life,etc. In order to solve the problems,we have released the low cost electronic level switch as market's requirement.

Based on our rich experience in industrial applications,we design the level swith without moving part.Enclosed by food-grade plastic material with compact integrated design,it can be used for tap water, pure water and wastewater.  The level switch features wear-resistant and dirt-proof with low cost, stable performance and long-term working life. Many projects have worked for 5-10 years.

The level switch supports submersible or side mounted. When submersible installing, just to put the level that you want to monitor. Users can use 2pcs of level switches for high/low level minitor. Side mounted installing can also support high/low level measurement. Users can image it as float switch or electrode.

Why Still Use Unreliable Float Switch and Electrode?

Many projects have met problem of sudden faulty of mechanical float switches, as a result, water drowns everywhere or deviced are damaged.The worst case is manure water be full to overflowing.

If use metal electrode probe, it will be produced with water incrustation after using, as it won't work well again. Meanwhile, long-term electricity will make electrode react with electrolytic chemical reaction. And if cable with 220Vac even 380Vac is directly immersed in water, it may have a hidden danger of leakage of electricity, because there may be a sudden accident caused by it when cable is worn.

Thus, the electronic level switch is an ideal solution to replace float switch and electrode probe. With the electronic level switch, you won't need to worry. It is the time to replace your unreliable level switches.


  • Railway system
  • Breeding system
  • Environmental protection
  • Automation industry
  • Textile printing and dyeing
  • Sewage treatment plant
  • Car washer, floor washer, dishwasher, compressor
  • ...


  • Power supply:12-24Vdc
  • Standby current:10mA
  • Max output current(dc): 1000mA
  • Protection class: IP68 (submersible for long-term)
  • Working temperature range:-10-+60 Deg.C.(Standard version)
  • Working life: over 1 million times action
  • Working pressure:<0.8MPa
  • Output: Output high electric level(Positive voltage) when liquid detected; if no liquid detected, output 0V.
  • Humidity: 100%RH
  • Sensor dimension: Length:100mm; Diameter:20mm
  • Cable:3-wire and 3meters length as default. Longer cable available


  • For power supply, recommend to use transformer for rectifying;
    If use switch power, recomend to connect a 1000UF electrolytic capacitor at the output end of power supply.
  • The default version is not suitable for high temperature,strong acid, strong salt and strong alkali.
  • Water level switch is not too close to wall face, and it is better to have a certain distance so that to avoid being jammed by mess.

Working Principle

Checking water level by built-in electronic probe, then level signal is sent to special using ICs for further calculation and processing. When water level reaches set high/low point, and then equipped with PLC or our water level controller, it can reach function of half or complete automatic controlling for water level.

Application Case