The water level controller is developed on the basis of electronic level sensor switch. It utilizes technology of electrical capacitive level measurement. It focuses on sensing function and safe function of water level measurement, and can provide very reliable water level checking. The electronic water level switch has no mechanical moving parts, and doesn't need electrode to judge water level. It can judge water by sensing water level. Its main part is plastic PVC and working voltage is 5-24Vdc which belongs to safety voltage range. Even though the cable is worn to be leakage of electricity, there is no any danger to human body.

Common water level controller and level sensor is easily faulty, for example, water float switches easily have mechanical damaging after many times mechanical action. If electrode level switches with metal probe, it will be produced with water scale after long-term using and won't work well again, meanwhile, long-term electricity will make electrode react with electrolytic chemical reaction. And if cable with 220Vac even 380Vac is directly immersed in water, it may have a hidden danger of leakage of electricity, because there may be a sudden accident caused by it when cable is worn.

Working Principle

Checking water level by built-in electronic probe, then level signal is sent to special using ICs for further calculation and processing. When water level reaches set high/low point, and then equipped with PLC or our water level controller, it can reach function of half or complete automatic controlling for water level.


  • No moving part, no blind area
  • No worrying about influences of magnetic field, light and shadow, metal bodies, water pressure and floating material
  • Resistant for weak acid, weak alkali and weak salt
  • Flexible and free installing, easy and convenient, support vertical installing or horizontal installing. Inclined installing is no problem
  • Can also be used for various of waste water
  • Can change sensor length and directly freely. Customer can change its length by adding material or change direction. This changing doesn't influence its function. The material is common and cheap, including PVC water tube, elbow and inner pipe end.

Technical Specification:

  • Power consumption: <1W Protection class: IP68 Output: high/low electric level signal Working temperature range:-20-+60 Working life: over 1 million times action Working pressure:>0.8MPa
  • Inner material: imported environment-friendly resin
  • Enclosure material: No-electricity plastic PVC
  • Dimension:150x20mm
  • Cable length: default 3meters. Longer cable available
  • Power supply:5-24VDC or 24VDC (decided by different models)
  • Fixing installing: thread connection(DN20 or 3/4).Water level switch is not too close to wall face, and it is better to have a certain distance so that to avoid being jammed by mess.


  • If use power, recommend to use transformer for rectifying;
    If use switch power, please use good quality with small ripple-wave or add a first class filter circuit(can connect an electrolytic capacitor with 2200UF/25V or above ).
  • The current version is not suitable high temperature, oil, strong acid, strong salt and strong alkali.

Fluid Application:
Clean Water, tap water, waste water, sewage, river, water with weak acid &alkali, industrial waste water, water of textile printing and dyeing industry, water treatment agent. Can also be used for pure water, distilled water and reverse osmosis water.

Industry Application:
Common using purpose in pure water machine, water purifier, sea water desalinization, automatic alarm for mine, automatic alarm for deep well level and other water treatment industries, also central air conditioning, heat water cycling engineering, water-cooling diesel generator set, fishing and aquaculture industry, automatic drainage in basement, elevator pit drainage, water level switch for vegetable washer and fruit & vegetable detoxification machine, etc.