• No maintenance free
  • No moving parts
  • Longer life
  • Versatile outputs and communication
  • Easy to install without special  skills
  • Wide flow range
  • Low flow velocity setup
  • Higher temperature flow meter
  • Long-term accuracy ensured

Inline flow meters are the main structure of flow measurement device in order to fit pipeline. Inline water meters and most of inline water flow meters usually adopt such design as default structure. In order to meet different requirement, we also offer ultrasonic inline flow meters with very competitive price. With our patented DSP technology, our inline water flow meters can reach the accuracy of 0.5%.

Our inline water flow meters have separated type and integrated type. Separated type refers to the electronic converter and flow transducers are two single parts and connected by cable. Users need to confirm cable length while order. The default is 5meters. Integrated type are a whole body.Electronic converter and flow transducers are welded together.

Inline ultrasonic flow meters are digital electronic flow device and it has versatile outputs of 4-20mA, OCT pulse, relay, RS485,Modbus,M-Bus. If select separated type, big memory data storing is optional. The inline meters can bear max 150 Deg.C and the default water-proof class is IP65, and high class IP68 can be made as requirement.

Why Still Makes Ultrasonic Inline Flow Meter?

Maybe you are puzzled why ABEST still manufacturers inline ultrasonic flow meters since we have clamp on and insertion type available. Meanwhile,we can also make magnetic flow meter.

That's because it is from the actual requirement of market and customers. The following are comparing with mechanical flow meters(e.g. turbine,etc) and electromagnetic flow meters.

1.Comparing with Mechanical Flow Meters

Mechanical flow meters usually utilize moving parts to sense fluid. The moving parts will be damaged after several time using,especially the water quality is poor or have dirty thing in fluid. Our inline ultrasonic flow meter has no moving parts and can easily avoid these problems.Meanwhile,its accuracy is not degraded as its using. Also, we can make our price not higher than mechanical flow meters,e.g.turbine flow meters. Thus, when you select flow measurement, it is advisable to select our ultrasonic inline flow meters.

2.Comparing with Magnetic Flow Meters,

In the market, magnetic flow meters will be the main competitor of inline ultrasonic flow meters. But our inline flow meter has a higher cost-effective solution for 0.5% accuracy. Meanwhile, several liquids with low conductivity is not suitable for magnetic meter. These liquids mainly have ultra-pure water, fuel,etc. However, ultrasonic flow meters will have a good performance.

Technical Specifications:

  • Accuracy:+/-(1%-0.5%)
  • Flow velocity range:0-12m/s
  • Pipe size: DN10-DN2000mm
  • Power supply: AC90-250v,DC9-36V and battery (Decided by different converter)
  • Ouputs: 4-20mA,0-20mA,RS485,Relay, OCT pulse, frequency
  • Communication protocol: Modbus,M-Bus
  • Protection class: IP65;IP68
  • Temperature range: 0-150 Deg.C.

Body Material:

For DN15-DN40,the body material is copper. Stainless steel and carton steel are optional.

For DN50 and above,the body material is carbon steel or cast iron. Steel stainless is optional for hygiene application.

Connection Way:

DN15-DN40: Thread connection.  Flange connection is optional.

DN50 and above: Flange connection

Integrated Type and Separated Type:

Integrated type is local display and separated type supports remote display.

When pipe size below 200mm, integrated type and separated type are all right. The selection is decided by user's requirement.

When pipe size over 200mm, maybe separated type is a better choice. Of course, this is just a common rule. You may decide it as your actual requirement.

Power Supply: Battery,External Power 

Ultrasonic flow meters are also famous for its low power consumption,especially inline ultrasonic flow meters. Thus,battery powered ultrasonic inline flow meters have been widely used for water/dirty water/sewage/sea water/alcohol,etc. It is an ideal solution to replace existing mechanical flow meters.

Of course, our inline water flow meters can also support external power,e.g.DC24V,etc. Comparing with battery version, external power inline flow meters have a better performance. User can select it as requirement.