Oxygen is important and must for living and production. It is essential to measure oxygen flow rate in many sectors,and typical including medical and industry.With good performance and cost-effective solution,our oxygen flow meters have been widely used in  hospital, oxygen bar, oxygen concentrator,environmental monitoring,industry manufacturing, farming,etc. As an experienced company in flow devices,we have developed different types O2 flow meters to meet customers' requirement.Their price is various from low to high. Their technology can be different:  simple variable area flow meter or advanced MEMS thermal mass flow meters.


Variable Area Flow Meter

The body of variable area flow meters are usually plastic Acrylic or glass.It is used to measure signal-phase liquid or air.Acrylic features good appearance,not easy to fragile,light weight,longer life,etc.It has been widely for oxygen bar,oxygen uptake,environmental testing instrumentation,etc.

Its body has two shapes: round and square. The two shapes have no difference and the main difference is their installing space. The default delivery is round.

Its connection has two materials: metal and plastic.

Variable area flow meters are widely used for oxygen concentrator,oxygen generator machine, lab test, air quality monitoring, oxygen bar, etc. But the oxygen flow meter is more suitable for single application without output. Because the  flowmeter is not easy to add signal output function.

The main feature of such O2 meter is low cost solution,but poor accuracy(5%-10%). If just for very common purpose, it should be ok. But if want higher accuracy,it is better to consider other type.

Warm Tip: If your device is O2 generator/concentrator machine with PSA method, you may consider our ultrasonic Oxygen Concentration Sensor which has good performance with high cost-effective..

Turbine Oxygen Flow Meter

We specially developed the oxygen flow meter for accurate application of medical and hospital.It is our patent product.With proved turbine flow technology, it can ensure quick response, high accuracy,longer life,easy installing, easy to test,etc. It has been widely used for centralized oxygen supply system in hospital.It can check the oxygen consumption rate of various of departments,and can also find whether oxygen pipe is leakage.


  • Pressure:0.-0.6MPa(Must constant pressure.Please indicate while order).
  • Display: Total rate: 7-digit LED(99999.99m3)
  • Flow rate: 2-digit LED(0-99l/min)
  • Resolution: 0.01m3(10L)
  • Accuracy:+/-2%
  • Flow range:2-100L/min
  • Power:AC220V/50HZ

MEMS Oxygen Flow Meter


The oxygen flow meter is designed on the advanced MEMS thermal mass technology and is a kind of digital flow meter. It has no moving parts and very low maintenance cost. It features high sensitivity,micro flow check, high accuracy,and has function of compensation for temperature,pressure and flow velocity. It is also used for trade of oxygen supply system. And flow rate can reach 12m3/h.


  • Accuracy:+/-1.5%
  • Working pressure:0-0.6MPa
  • Nominal pressure: 0.4MPa
  • Atmospheric pressure:86-106KPa
  • Humidity temperature:0-40 Deg.C.
  • Relative humidity: 15-80%
  • Flow range: 2-200L/min (Default);3-400L/min,8-999L/min available.
  • Sensor installing: Thread(M22X1.5); M30X1.5; M34X1.5
  • Nominal size: 12mm
  • Resolution: total rate(0.01m3); flow rate:1L/min
  • Display: flow velocity:3-digit 1-999L/min; Total rate:7-LED(999999.9m3)
  • Power:AC550V/50HZ(default).If you require other power supply, please contact us while order.

Thermal Mass Oxygen Flow Sensor (1-5Vdc output)

Thermal mass oxygen flow sensor is developed on advanced MEMS technology and have a high cost-effective. The oxygen flow sensor has no moving parts and suppors 1-5VDC output.

The oxygen flow sensor also provides customizing making as requirement. It includes body structure,color,shape,dimension,function, material,output,etc.

The picture above is for reference and final status may be different. The existing body materials have stainless steel,aluminium and ABS plastic.


  • Accuracy:1.5%FS
  • Response time: 20ms
  • Flow velocity range: 0-60m/s
  • Analog output:1-5Vdc. I2C optional
  • Flow rate: 20/50/100/200slpm. Others can be made.
  • Max pressure:0.8MPa
  • Fluid temperature: -10-65 Deg.C.
  • Humidity: -25 - 85 Deg.C.
  • Tube connection size: G3/8
  • Protection class: IP40
  • Calibration condition: air,0Deg.C.,101.325KPa

Thermal Mass Oxygen Flow Meter ( RS485)

The RS485 oxygen flow meter is also developed on thermal mass flowmeter. Except the advantages above, it is low power consumption and be powered by batteries or DC5-12V. RS485 can make network easily for center monitoring.


  • Accuracy:+/-(2.0+0.5FS)%
  • Repeatability:0.5%
  • Working pressure: 0.8MPa
  • Output:RS485 (optional)
  • Humidity temperature:-10-55 Deg.C.
  • Protection class:IP44
  • Flow range: 0-10L/min;0-25L/min;0-25L/min available.
  • Connection: NPT1/4"; NPT1/2";
  • Nominal size: 6mm,12mm
  • Resolution: 0.01/0.1
  • Calibration standard air: N2(20.C..101.325KPa)
  • Display: LCD.Flow rate:SLPM(L/min); Total rate:NCM(m3)
  • Power consumption:<=10mW
  • Power supply:4xAAA(LR6) or 5-12V power adapter

Can't Decide Which Fits Your Business, the Following May Help:

Maybe you are not sure which type oxygen flow meter is suitable for your solution. The following are several basic rules for your reference:

1.If your budget target is sensitive and have no requirement of high accuracy, variable area flow meter is recommended,for example, oxygen bar or oxygen uptake.

2.If you require higher accuracy, you may select turbine oxygen flow meter or oxygen thermal mass flow meter. Of course, the two types are much more expensive than variable area oxygen flow. But for medical and hospital, this investment is valuable and essential. Meanwhile, we have reduced their price sharply.

3.The 2 points above are mainly talked for small volume oxygen flow. If for bigger volume or bigger pipe size, it belongs to commercial or industry application, variable area flow meter should be the last to considerate and select.

4.If you devices are PSA oxygen generator, our ultrasonic O2 sensors are an ideal choice.