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The Best Wastewater Level Sensor&Sewage Tank Sensors

Wastewater refers to the water discharged during the activities of residents. It mainly includes rural domestic sewage, industrial wastewater, rainwater into the drainage and other waste water. Wastewater,waste gas and noise pollution are regarded as 3 major public hazards in nature. Thus, it is absolutely necessary to do wastewater treatment. Level monitoring is an indispensable device in the treatment process.
If rain water flows into domestic sewage, its level sensor can refer to that for domestic waste water. If rain water goes into industrial wastewater, it will belong to the range of industrial water.

There are mainly 6 kinds of often used level sensors available for waste water treatment and listed to introduce as below:

1.Magnetic Level Indicator for Sewage Tank Level Sensor

Float switches are a kind of traditional mechanical level sensors.Because such model has moving parts, it has many disadvantages: easily blocked, slower performance, short life, easily faulty, etc. Thus,more and more projects have obsoleted the level switches.
Magnetic level indicator is also called as magnetic flap level gauge. Its working principle is developed on magnetic floating and buoyancy. When measuring liquid level, the float in the body of the level gauge will be up/down with liquid level up/down. The magnetic level indicator can be used for closed sewage tank.

2.Hydrostatic Submersible Level Sensor

Submersible level sensor is developed from hydrostatic pressure technology. Because of the structure and principle, it can be used for open container or open pool. It can measure liquids with non-corrosive, good fluidity, no crystal, no sticky and no stirring.
Though the level sensor has feature of simple using,good accuracy,etc, there are several thing required to notice.
If the quality of the level sensor is not good,leakage will be occur, dirty material may block,and isolation diaphragm will be damaged, as a result, the life of submersible level sensor will become much shorter.
When for industrial waste water, its composition may be very complicated. Different industries have different materials in the waste water,e.g. have strong corrosive, or varying density,etc, which makes submersible level sensor can’t work well.

3.Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

Ultrasonic level transmitter can provide non-contact continuous level measurement. Because no contact with waste water, its typical using life can be longer.Ultrasonic level have been developed for many years and related stable have been very stable. Meanwhile, as an important player in the industry, we have reduced its price to affordable level.
In most of waste water projects, ultrasonic level meters are covering more and more market share than other types. Of course, ultrasonic level also have its disadvantages: e.g. easily influenced by water vapor, big bubble,etc.

4.Radar Level Transmitter (Pulse)

Pulse high frequency radar level transmitter is not easily influenced by temperature and pressure. If waste water container is open, even though water vapor density is bigger, pulse radar level can works. But if container is closed, user can consider selection water-drop type probe. If supplier can’t such probe, it can try low frequency pulse radar. Low frequency has a better penetration than high frequency at vapor.
The main disadvantage of radar level is very high price and over project budget.

5.Guided Wave Radar Level Sensor

Guided wave radar level sensor is a kind of contact type level device. The probe and electronic signal part is connected by cable rope or metal rod. Electromagnetic wave travels on the cable and steam doesn’t affect the measurement. Meanwhile, comparing with pulse radar level, guided wave radar has a lower price. But when guided wave radar is used for vapor, several issues should be noticed as below:
1). Liquids shouldn’t be crystallization or with very thick hanging material.
2). Whether stirring available in liquids.
3).Whether tank height is lower. If tank height is 1-1.5m, pulse radar is not suitable. Should select a special model of guide-wave radar. This can solve blind space problem for small tank with radar level.

6.Universal Capacitive Level Sensor

Capacitive level sensor is usually used to measure oil level. But with patented technology, we have released universal capacitive level sensors. The core component of the level sensor adopts a highly integrated dedicated capacitance measuring chip,which performs multi-layer scanning analysis on the sensor and is accurately compensated and corrected.
The sensor features high precision, high stability,good performance,etc and can provides continuous level measurement for wastewater,oils,chemistry liquids,medicine liquids sewage, septic tank and pool,etc.
There are also others kind of level devices for wastewater level sensors, but the items are main technology to consider. Usually wastewater level sensor firstly recommends to consider ultrasonic level, then hydrostatic submersible level sensors. Of course, if you can’t judge what type is suitable for your requirement, please feel free to contact us.